Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2010

Summer Breeze From Far East

1st of July and just in time a new Guestmix arrived at the Pachinko Penthouse.
It's brought to us by the kind Pop Affinicado Kyohei.He send us this more than sunny Mix from Japan.Put on your sunglasses so these 13 sparkling Tunes don't blind you.This Compilation is the perfect companion for a sunny & friendly July.Please show Kyohei the Love & Respect he deserves.Use Sunscreen.Percy

1.Cubismo Grafico - 28 Degrees For Good Surfers
2.Johnny Dee - Hey Gentle Girl
3.Cymbals - My Patrick
4.boys & girls together - Throw My Thousand Badges
5.Snapshot - Recycle Song - The World Of Twist Mix -
6.Frenesi - Nero
7.Jetlag - Floater (Album Version)
8.Lamp - 夏に散らした小さな恋
9.Kirinji - 恋の祭典
10.advantage Lucy - smile again
11.ROUND TABLE - Get On The Bicycle!/自転車でGO!
12.Caraway - Take you away
13.Roboshop Mania - Goodbye,Summer Sun Goes Down

Deleted due Copyright Complains

P.S.Remember if you want to do a Guestmix,just let me know.Next Month your Mix can shine here.


  1. Hello, Percy.
    Thank you for inviting me to your great blog.
    I really, really enjoy your contents.

    I'm glad you enjoy it.
    Have a good summer time.

    P.S. Great work,Deutschland in world cup.
    I wish your country get the world cup.

  2. Outstanding mix! It featured what most of the Best mixes should.. satisfyingly summery, good mood music, plus a blend of familiar tracks in a new setting combined with unfamiliar tracks that came as being a pleasant surprise(I've never heard Jetlag before, and found their song to be a particularly fine standout~).. Really great ♥
    Thank you very much for participating and submitting this guest mix, Kyohei :) It was a highly pleasurable listen, for sure~

  3. I love Yukari Fresh and Snapshot, but it's very difficult to find the Snapshot's cds ....
    Thanks a lot

  4. The download link is dead. :(