Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Starlight Casino IV

Welcome,it's been a while since your last visit at our funky little Mirrorball.2011 is almost over and what better Way to wave this rotten Year goodbye,than an Evenning full of luscious Strings & infectious Grooves.Shake your Booty on the Dancefloor or watch the Fireworks while we gently orbit the Planet.Have a wonderful Night full of Laughter & Joy.Thanks for your support,see you all in 2012.

1.Flat Three-Sky is the Limit
2.DJ Kawasaki-Beautiful feat.Karin
3.Chieko Kinbara-For your Love
4.Jazztronik-Feel the Air 2005
5.Studio Apartment-One true love (Eric Kupper Club Mix)
6.Mondo Grosso-MG2SS
7.Jazzida Grande-Coffee Cup (AKAKAGE's Peaktime Radio Version)
8.Crue-L Grand Orchestra-(You are) More than Paradise
9.Yoichiro Ito-Come Down to My Place
10.Studio Apartment-I'm In Love (Alternate Mix)
11.Soul Source Production-Feels like Home
13.Lonesome Echo Production-Sweet Dream (Blaze Remix)



Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Destination:Tokyo 3

Welcome on Board of Flight 007 of Pachinko Air.Stressed out by the X-mas Shopping Terror and permanent Torture of "Last Chrismas"?Than this your Last Minute Escape. Follow us to Place that shines like a Christmas Tree all Year,Tokyo.Get lost in the Canyons of Glass,Steel & Neon Lights.First Class Jazzy Latin Sounds will lay out the Path to your full Satisfaction.All the best Wishes for your Holidays from Pachinko Overdrive.Enjoy your Trip.Percy

1.Delicatessen Mixture-Lift me up to the Sky
2.Kazuhiko Obata-Paraiso
3.Inada Shintarou-ame nimo makezu
4.Le 3-kawazoi o ikeba
5.Immigrant's Bossa Band-Bonito
6.Dahlia-Infinito Samba (happiness mix)
8.Noa Noa-夢の途中 (Benbossa Mix)
9.April Set-Umi No Soko De Utau Uta
10.F to G-Saudade Fez Um Samba
11.Noa Noa-waratteitai ne (acoustic maracatu mix)
12.Cinnabon-As your Girl
13.Love-tenkoku no kiss
14.Pan Cake-Vou Nessa



Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Adventures in Stereo Vol.3

The Year comes to an end and X-mas is only Days away.That means Music Freaks around the World create their Best of 2011 Lists.We at PO. don't believe in Rankings or Polls.That why we simply gathered another 14 Artists and Bands that exquisitly entertaint us throughout the Year.We start of with UK'S The Wombats and their rather melancholic Song that shows Coldplay how it's done right.Also from the UK are the Northern Soul Shouters Frankie & The Heartstrings,their powerful Debut was produced by none other than the great Edwyn Collins.Collins himself also made a fine Comback this Year after his serious Illness.The Very Most put out a good EP called "Patricia" it includes this Hym to the genius Jonathan Richman.More summery Tunes from the U.S. are brought by the One Man Twee Band Fireflies and everybodys Darlings Tennis.Multi Instrumentalist Brent Cash released with "How strange it seems" one of the best Records of the Year.Perfect Westcoast Pop that will conjour a smile on your Face and leave with a Tear in your Eye.Europe is represented with more classic Pop from France by Orwell.Italy send the dreamy Giorgio Tuma,Brideshead with their timeless Guitar Pop stand in for Germany.Scandinavia is represent by the joyful I'm from Barcelona,Retro Popper Le Futur Pompiste and our favourite Dane Jens Lekman and his Kirsten Dunst Stalker Song.I hope you enjoy this Collection.Please support all the Artists by buying their Stuff.

1.The Wombats-Anti-D
2.The Very Most-Jonathan Richman
3.Frankie & The Heartstrings-The Postcard
4.Edwyn Collins-Humbleh
5.I'm from Barcelona-Come on
6.Le Futur Pompiste-Winter
7.Brent Cash-Just like Today
8.Brideshead-The World stopped turning
9.Orwell-On this brightful Day
10.Giorgio Tuma-New Fabled Stories
11.Jens Lekman-Waiting for Kirsten
12.Fireflies-Stars Falling Down
14.AM & Shawn Lee-Down The Line

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Kawaii Vol.5

Staturday Evenning,my Friends came over to call me for a Night out.We changed our Cloth to something more fashionable because "We dress to impress".All styled up,we hit the City that looked like a superb illuminated Christmas Tree.Tonight the Streets are ours!

1.Cubismo Grafico-Trip to Rio
2.Montparnasse-Dolly Catcher
3.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Please Stop!
4.Manabu Iwamura-L'angelo E Piromaniaco
5.Sunaga Tatsuo & Nakatsuka Takeshi-Big Apple Bootleg
6.Escalator Team-Sweet Breeze 1234
7.Comoestas-Chiggy's Boogaloo
8.Mansfield -Booties
9.Pizzicato Five-Holger & Marcus
10.Les 5-4-3-2-1-l'an 54321 chapitre-1
11.Mari Natsuki-Nata Di Marzo
13.Miniflex-Irish Skipper
14.Konishi Yasuharu-La Ronde



Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

AKSB Pop Vol.2

The 1st of December,the start of the festive Season and the first Gift comes in form of another splendid Guestmix by Kaku.He was so generous to create a follow up to his very popular AKSB Compilations.15 more great Songs that range from classic P.5 Sounds to lush Disco Strings.Please show Kaku Love & Respect.

1.Ai Nonaka-Yume no drive
2.Aoi Yuuki as Mio Aoyama-Koi no Shirushi from Mio
3.Chata-Winter Bellsô
4.Emiri Katou-Egao no Katachi
5.Hiromi Konno-Wish "Choppiri no Yuuki"
6.Kobayashi Yuu-My Life
7.Mayumi Shindou-Yes,you can make it
8.Orikasa Fumiko-Garden
9.Rie Kugimiya-Gokigen Blizzard
10.Saori Gotou & Daisuke Ono-Real,Realga,Unreal
11.Shimazu Saeko-Last Kiss
12.Yanase Natsumi-Hitomi Sunshine
13.Yui Horie-Romantic Flight
14.Yukari Tamura-Tsuki no Mahou de Koishitai
15.Tomoko Akiya-Chemical Magical Coohing



P.S.If YOU like to contribute a Guestmix and support your favourite Artists & Songs, please contact me.We will work something out.