Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Cafe 2001 [a record company]

A New Month,A New Guest Mix.This Mix is a special one because the Music of it don't come from Japan as normal but from Norway.A few Months ago,i got a Mail by a sympathetic Guy named Christoffer,he asked me if could help him promoting his restarted Label Cafe 2001 [a record company].Of course i can because I'm a Fan of Remington Super 60 & Micromars.But let Christoffer tell his Story.
Cafe 2001 [a record company] was started by Christoffer Schou (Remington Super 60) and Christer Jensen (Micromars) early in 2000. At the time a large number of artists that produced music in their bedroom using Casio keyboards and other cheezy instruments started getting media attention and airplay.
To capture the sound that was happening, Christoffer and Christer started Cafe 2001.
Although they only released 4 albums (2 compilations) and one EP they sold out everything and scored great reviews.
The label was shut down in 2004.
But now Christoffer and Jon Kristian Furuheim (Safariari) have once again launched the label. First they are leaking their back catalogue and making it available for free download. After that new magic will once again happen on the Norwegian music scene!

Label link: http://www.cafe2001.net/label

1.Remington Super 60-Robo learns to whistle
2.Kawaii-Best friends
4.Anthony Rochester-Lipscombe larder
5.Micromars-Why Didn't My Parents Buy Me A Casio
6.Paasan-Get it right
7.Nice System-Dream 2001
8.Toyen-(The) Face
9.Safariari-Kiwi Airlines
10.Remington Super 60-Out Into The Sun



Samstag, 28. August 2010

Über-Cute (Fall Edition)

The Über-Cute Candy Store is proud to bring you the all new Fall Edition.14 palatable Audiotreats by classic sound pastry Chefs like Capsule & Eel to the young wild Bunch of DG-10 and Sexy Synthesizer who interpret classic Recipies by YMO & Michel Jackson.Also new to our assortment are "Sweets of Siam" directly flown in by the Groovy Airline directly from Thailand.Yummy Yummy.Have yourself a Treat.Percy

1.Capsule-Twinkle Twinkle Poppp!
2.Sucrette-Travel Star
3.DG-10-High School Lullabye
5.Sonic Coaster Pop-Sunny Side Up!
6.Groovy Airline-ทิ้งขยะ
8.Sucrette-Love Prologue (pico pico meets the stripes mix)
9.Takiguchi Mira & Sexy-Synthesizer-mahōtsukai Chappy
10.No Color & Lightaman Jr.-Innocent Starter
11.Sexy Synthesizer-Human Nature
12.YMCK-Tetrominon From Russia with Block
13.Kumisolo-My Love for you is like a Cheap Pop Song
14.Cinnamon-Cakes And Pies



Samstag, 21. August 2010

Bungalow Two

Back on popular request.On our second visit at the Bungalow we meet residents like the young french Thai-Girl Laila France.She teamed up with scottish songwriter Momus to record an extraordinary album full of Soft Eroticism, Wilhelm Reich's Philosophy, Weird Synthesizer-Sounds.Gregori Czerkinsky was a leading member of the successful French Exotic Pop Duo Mikado.Combustible Edison sought to rehabilitate the reputation of 'Easy Listening'.Successfully.Legions of new projects/bands like Air, Kid Loco, Barry Adamson, Gentle People and Tipsy were inspired by Com Eds early pioneering take on lounge- and especially soundtrack music.Talking of soundtrack music.In 1966 composer Peter Thomas,left planet Earth to musically accompany the adventurous journeys of Space Patrol Orion.His (for that time) rather wacky and futuristic sounds had lacked the appropriate appreciation and understanding. Meanwhile he ranks with the galaxy-wide top composers of the sixties together with Henry Manchini, Esquivel, John Barry, Ennio Morricone.Bolero on the moon rocks was sampled by Jarvis Cocker for "This is Hardcore" by Pulp.Enjoy your visit.Part 3 soon.

1.Laila France-Trance Cocktail Airlines
3.Kulturni Program-Quanda Que Ono Pori Canto
4.Stereo De Luxe-Lunar Hilton Brazil (feat Pat C.)
5.Maxwell Implosion-Mexe Mexe(feat.Pat C.)
6.Le Hammond Inferno-Cairo/Harem
7.Peter-Thomas & Maxwell Implosion-Warp back to Earth
8.Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester-Bolero on the moon rocks
9.Spring vs. Pez-Puerto Habana
10.Stereo Total-Dactylo Rock
11.Dauerfisch-Endlich Vögeln
12.Yoshinori Sunahara-Sun Song '70 (Bossa Version)
13.Combustible Edison-The checkered Flag
14.Momus-2 PM

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Samstag, 14. August 2010

When the Winds blow

Ahoi.Now that the stagnant Heat is gone and Wind & Clouds have returned ,what's better do do then spend a Day on the Water.Let's set Sail and steer the Nutshell straight into glistening Horizon.To a Safe Haven where the Fiends are waiting for our arrival.Nice People,tasty Food & good Coversations.When the Wind blows.

1.Cosa Nostra-Sunshine
2.Love & Pop-처음 마음 그대로
4.The Jumping Balloon-Send me a Message
6.Kaji Hideki-Muscat
7.Citrus-Cymabal Hit(Like My Feelin')
8.Naivepop or Petitfool-Saturday Pops For Her
9.Yukari Fresh-Vig Dorian
10.Venus Peter-Every Planet Son
11.Snapshot-Recycle Song(The World Of Twist Mix)
12.Olive Tree-Winter Holiday
13.Roly Poly Rag Bear-All Summer long



Dienstag, 10. August 2010

Beat Meisjes

Chicks on Beat NO.5.The Netherlands during 60's were known for their more liberal Politics in relation to Soft Drugs & Sex.So it was no wonder that a large Beat Scene was happening at that Time.Most of the known Bands in this Scene however, were all Male.But these 12 Tunes show that there also were some strong Women in the Scene. Rita Hovink who had several Hits till her tragic Death in 1979.Mariska Veres who later joins the well-known Shocking Blue or Deedee Pitt (Gonnie Rijkes), the first Dutch girl singer wearing a mini-skirt with her only Song.So convince yourself that the Netherlands has more to offer than "Gabba",Cheese & Tulips.Veel Plezier

1.Brigitte & The Firestrings-Een droom
2.Dee Dee Pit-Laars erop
3.Els Molenaar-Gezakt of geslaagd
4.Karin Kent-Als ik een jongen was
5.Brigitte & The Firestrings-Waarom vertrouw je mij niet meer
6.Rita Hovink-'t Is voorbij
7.Iris Zegveld & Short 66-Ik ken je beter, Peter
8.Triks & The Paramounts-Doe maar net zoals ik
9.Mariska Veres-Is het waar
10.Rosita Bloom-Kees van Mars
11.Reggy Van De Burght-Eenzam Opt Leidsplein
12.Jose & Full House-Als je alle kranten leest

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Samstag, 7. August 2010

The Sociables prefer Pop! Vol.3

Welcome to the third Edition of The Sociables.Great Britian,the Birthplace of Popculture as we know it and still the No. 1 Place to look,when it comes to clever Pop Music.14 Tunes that shall represent a few of the many Colours that British Pop has to offer.From Spearmint's wake-up call to all unknown Bands,Lucky Soul with their Anthem for all left alone or Kevin McGrother's C-86 Ode to the good old Days. Classic Songs from New Order's "Backing Band"The Other Two & Tony Boy's Hommage to Japan's Flipper's Guitar.A Short Story by everybodys favourite Salon Socialists Saint Etienne & one of the most beautiful Love Songs of all Time by The Divine Comedy close our first short look on the U.K. Popscene.Next Stop Scotland.

1.Spearmint-Sweeping the Nation
2.The Postmarks-My Lucky Charm
3.Camera Obscura-Let's Get Out of This Country
4.Lucky Soul-The Great Unwanted
5.God help the Girl-Come Monday Night
6.Kevin McGrother-Living In An Enid Blyton World
7.Noah and the Whale-5 Years Time
8.Tony Boy-I like Flippers guitar
9.Lorraine Bowen-Ice Cream Lady
10.The Other Two-Innocence
11.The Superimposers-The Northern Song
12.The Cherry Orchard-This World Is Such A Groovy Place
13.Saint Etienne-Side Streets
14.The Divine Comedy-Everybody Knows (Except You)