Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Cafe 2001 [a record company]

A New Month,A New Guest Mix.This Mix is a special one because the Music of it don't come from Japan as normal but from Norway.A few Months ago,i got a Mail by a sympathetic Guy named Christoffer,he asked me if could help him promoting his restarted Label Cafe 2001 [a record company].Of course i can because I'm a Fan of Remington Super 60 & Micromars.But let Christoffer tell his Story.
Cafe 2001 [a record company] was started by Christoffer Schou (Remington Super 60) and Christer Jensen (Micromars) early in 2000. At the time a large number of artists that produced music in their bedroom using Casio keyboards and other cheezy instruments started getting media attention and airplay.
To capture the sound that was happening, Christoffer and Christer started Cafe 2001.
Although they only released 4 albums (2 compilations) and one EP they sold out everything and scored great reviews.
The label was shut down in 2004.
But now Christoffer and Jon Kristian Furuheim (Safariari) have once again launched the label. First they are leaking their back catalogue and making it available for free download. After that new magic will once again happen on the Norwegian music scene!

Label link: http://www.cafe2001.net/label

1.Remington Super 60-Robo learns to whistle
2.Kawaii-Best friends
4.Anthony Rochester-Lipscombe larder
5.Micromars-Why Didn't My Parents Buy Me A Casio
6.Paasan-Get it right
7.Nice System-Dream 2001
8.Toyen-(The) Face
9.Safariari-Kiwi Airlines
10.Remington Super 60-Out Into The Sun




  1. Superb collection of ultra-appealing pop songs ♥ The songs on this mix were so appealing, in fact, that I was prompted to go straight to Cafe 2001's website and sample more of the music available there, for the sake of hearing similar things.. So since the intention of this mix was to promote that label, I'd say it was a success :D As I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future goings on that happen under it~

    Thank you very much for sharing this compilation, Christoffer, and making the introduction to such wonderful music ♥

  2. Thank you sooooo much Christoffer and Percy for this wonderful mix. I have heard none of this before, the first few seconds blew me away. I couldn't agree more with Anne, this mix was an awesome promotion for this music. I'm def. keeping my eyes open for releases from these bands and wish the best for your relaunch of the label.