Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Have a Nice Day

2.YCMK-8-Bit World Tour
3.Plus-Tech Squeezebox-Dough-Nuts
4.Pine*AM-Cosmic Glider
5.Hi-Posi-Jenny is Bad Mood
6.The Aprils-Twinkle of the Stars
8.Qyptone-Drive Music
9.Strawberry Machine-Kurechoko
10.Cubismo Grafico Five-Percy,Percy me
11.Hazel Nuts Chocolate-Pokopon Tankentai
12.Sonic Coaster Pop-Future Electric Machine
13.Tomoe Shinohara-Last Teen
14.Takako Minekawa-Klaxon!
15.Hazel Nuts Chocolate-Kawaii Baby
Smile,Whistle,have a Laugh.ENJOY!

A Night Out Vol.1:Japan

1.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Take me to the Disco
2.Y.Fukotomi-Got to be Happy
3.Jazztronik-Mista Swing
4.Karia Nomoto-Mirrorball
5.Fantastic Plastic Machine-King of Pleasure
6.Towa Tei-Melody
7.M-Flo-Simply & Lovely
8.Free Tempo-Romance
9.Handsomeboy Technique-besides the Fountain
11.Halfby-Star Trak
12.Cubismo Grafico-Blissful
14.Pizzicato Five-Arigato,we Love you
Dancing at he Disco at the End of the World.ENJOY!!

Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

VA/Nonstop to Tokyo
2o classic Club Pop Hits
1.Pizzicato Five-Nonstop to Tokyo
2.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Pura Saudade
3.Mari natsuki-The World without you
4.Soul Bossa Trio-Vacansiones to Salvador
5.Tokyo's coolest Combo-Bossa nova No.9
6.quasimode-Dance of the little Children
7.Cubismo Grafico-Annex of ST. Nicolas
8.Collette-Samba the Sunny Side Up
9.Pizzicato Five-Tokyo mon Amour
10.United Future Organization-Sunday Folk tale
11.Hiroshi Takano-Aikawarazusa
12.Pizzicato Five Nata di Marzo
13.Petty Booka-Let`'s talk dirty in Hawaiian
14.Pizzicato Five-On the Suuny Side of the Street
15.Pizzicato Five-Tout va Bien
16.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Steppin' out
17.Nomoto Karia-Freedom Street Afternoon
18.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Lotto
19.Towa Tei-Milkyway
20.Towa Tei-Everything we do
Hi There
My Name is Percy.I open this Blog to share my Passion for Music.In this case,Japanese Club Pop & Jazz.From Pizzicato Five to Handsomeboy Technique,Sleepwalker toYCMK,Fantastic Plastic Machine to Cubismo Grafico Five.I also like to invite you to help me.Together we can create a Libbary for this Music we love.First i will post a few selfmade Compilations to show where i like to go.Later i will ad whole Albums.So Enjoy And Comment please.Percy