Sonntag, 26. September 2010

The Sociables prefer Pop! Vol.4

Walcome to Scotland.For part 4 of The Sociables we visit the "musical westcoast" of the UK.These 14 songs prove that even in the rainy climate of the highlands,a sunny california soul can shine.Starting of with Postcard Records the first home to bands like Orange Juice,Josef K,Aztec Camera,the scotish Pop Scene became a dependable forge for first class pop in the last 30 years.With musicians & songwriter like Norman Blake(Teenage Fanclub),Duglas T. Stewart(BMX Bandits),Paul Quinn (Soup Dragons)& David Scott(The Pearfishers) a close working community developed.Nearly every featured artist on this mix worked on one project of the other.For example Steward & Quinn formed Primary Five.Edwyn Collins produced some of the songs of his old band colleague Malcom Ross.And so on...After listening to to this selection you all will join in with Shirley Lee:I love Scotish Pop.Next Stop:North America

1.Orange Juice-Consolation Prize
2.The Primary 5-Mailman
3.Teenage Fanclub-People try to fuck with you
4.James Kirk-Krach auf Wiedersehen
5.Spearmint-Scottish Pop
6.Edwyn Collins-Gorgeous George
7.The Pearlfishers-Todd is God
8.Belle And Sebastian-Wrapped Up In Books
9.The McCluskey Brothers-Slip away
10.Paul Quinn & The Independent Group-Stupid Thing
11.BMX Bandits-I Know A Secret
12.Malcolm Ross-Happy Boy
13.The Pearlfishers-The Umbrellas of Shibuya
14.Aztec Camera-Jump



Freitag, 17. September 2010

The Percy 500:Northern Soul

Today is my Birthday.Hooray,Yippee,Yeah.I would like to take this occasion to start a New Mini Series(with maxi content).It's called "The Percy 500".It will focus on the Decade of my Birth.The Sixties and the love of Music & an excessive cult of dancing.Considering myself as a kind of a Mod,what better way to start our Rallye with what these Times need most:SOUL.Northern Soul to be more precise.The roots of Northern Soul lay in the early Sixties in North England.Emerging from the Mod Cultures love to Rhythm & Blues and Soul.Besides Fashion,Scooters & Dancing,the collecting of rare 7" Records from States become an important thing.The Partys were called "Allnighters" or "Weekenders" depends on how long the Party went.These 40 Northern Soul Classics should be great entry for your "Allnighter".So dress to impress & Join the Club.See you all on the Dancefloor.The Pachinko Racing Team.

1.Martha Reeves and the Vandellas-Nowhere to Run/2.Rose Valentine-I've Gotta Know Right Now/3.Dusty Springfield-Little By Little/4.Herb Ward-Honest to Goodness/ 5. Unkown Artist-Peanut Duck/6.Johnny Copeland-Sufferin' City/7.Wilson Pickett-Land of 1000 Dances/8.The Cavaliers-Hold on to my Baby/9.Sharon Scott-Could it be You/10.Lorraine Chandler-I can't Change/11.The Ronettes-How Does It Feel?/ 12.Don Ray-Born a Loser/13.The Yum Yums-Gonna Be A Big Thing/14.Doni Burdick-Bari Track/15.Sue Lynne-Don't Pity Me/16.The Charades-Key To My Happiness/17.Carolyn Cooke-I Don't Mind/18.Earl Wright & his Orchestra-Thumb A Ride/19.J.J.Barnes-Sweet Sherry/20.Nella Dodds-Come Back Baby

1.Arthur Conley-Sweet SOUL Music/2.Betty Everett-Getting Mighty Crowded/3.Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell-Ain΄t No Mountain High Enough/4.Lou Johnson-Unsatisfied/5.Bobby Hebb-Love, Love, Love/6.Stevie Wonder-Uptight (Everything 's Alright/7.Tony Clarke-Landslide/8.Dobie Gray-The "In" Crowd/9.Jimmy Conwell-Cigarette Ashes/10.Rose Batiste-Hit and Run/11.The Velvelettes-Ain't No Place Like Motown/12.Robert Parker- Let's Go Baby (Where the Action is)13.Sam & Dave-Hold on I'm coming/14.Darrell Banks -Open the Door to your Heart/15.Nolan Chance-Just Like the Weather/16.The Fascinations -Girls Are Out to Get you/17.Earl Van Dyke & the Soul Brothers-All for you/18.The Supremes-There's No Stopping Us Now/19.Marvin Smith-Have More Time/20.Cody Black-Mr.Blue

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Samstag, 11. September 2010

Shibuya Soul 2

Stressed out by everday Life?Here's the Solution.14 more sophisticated soulful Tunes that will groove you back to health in no Time.Kick back,relax and just follow the Flow.Free your Soul and the rest will follow.Experience the Lounge for your Livingroom.

1.Mari Mizuno-Welcome!
2.TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET-Alone Tonight
3.45 aka Swing-O-Sweet Sweat Pt.2
4.Monday Michiru-To Live As To Dream
5.Crazy Ken Band-Merimen
6.Paris Match-Digging your Scene
9.I-Dep-Eyes to Eyes
10.Sotte Bosse-Ai ni Tsuite
11.Mari Mizuno-春の嵐
12.Jazzin' Park-Gold Inside
13.Mondialito-Rainy Green Grass
14.Port Of Notes-Sailing to Your Love



Montag, 6. September 2010

Singapore A-Go-Go

Chicks on Beat NO.7.These 12 supercharged beat-a-go-go tracks defy a common held belief that the Chinese couldn’t rock, groove, or swing back in the 1960’s.The vocals are sung in the dialects of Mandarin and Hokkien and they soar with catchy hooks atop groovy, clever beats. There’s plenty of electric guitar, organ, and crazy percussion rocking and twisting behind it all, at times reaching quite a mad and freaky state of affairs.Every single cut is a winner and it never lets up from start to finish.Or in the words of Yvonne & The Sparklers:Let's Go Gay.

1.Yvonne & The Sparklers-Let's Go Gay
2.Chen Jie and Golden Melody Band-Spring Wind Kisses My Face
3.Chew Yan and the Stylers-Tall Mountain Green
4.Grace Lee and the Stylers-Each and Every Flower
5.Kelsom Hashim & Plastic Deers-Pemuda Pemudi Sekarang
6.Linda Yong and the Silvertones-Happy Lunar New Year
7.Lotus Liew-The Lonely One
8.Mei Fing with Tony and the Polar Bear-Secretly Love You
9.Sakura-Baby I'm Yours
10.Sakura and The Quests-Puppet On A String
11.The Tidbits with the Trailers-Never My Love
12.The Vampires-Cold Rain Song