Samstag, 11. September 2010

Shibuya Soul 2

Stressed out by everday Life?Here's the Solution.14 more sophisticated soulful Tunes that will groove you back to health in no Time.Kick back,relax and just follow the Flow.Free your Soul and the rest will follow.Experience the Lounge for your Livingroom.

1.Mari Mizuno-Welcome!
2.TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET-Alone Tonight
3.45 aka Swing-O-Sweet Sweat Pt.2
4.Monday Michiru-To Live As To Dream
5.Crazy Ken Band-Merimen
6.Paris Match-Digging your Scene
9.I-Dep-Eyes to Eyes
10.Sotte Bosse-Ai ni Tsuite
11.Mari Mizuno-春の嵐
12.Jazzin' Park-Gold Inside
13.Mondialito-Rainy Green Grass
14.Port Of Notes-Sailing to Your Love



1 Kommentar:

  1. My goodness. When you said this mix would provide a nice Sunday, my preferred listening habits of the day took that statement to heart.. I kid you not, and have the charts to back up my story, but these songs are the only things I've been listening to for the last.. well, it will be a total of around five hours, combining the two hours I spent this morning with this mix, and then the three spent when I was back online again. I've long maintained that the true mark of the Best mixes is the inability to stop yourself from keeping specific tracks on repeat, and being unable to complete a single start to finish listen of the whole thing, despite having devoted several hours to attempting that exact thing..! And I tell you, with this one, I had to listen to almost every single song at least three times before I was able to move on to the next("Merimen" is currently leading the pack with a total of twelve listens, and "Sweet Sweat Pt.2" is closely gaining with a total of eight, if you were curious~ fantastic tracks, both ♥).. I am sure it goes without saying how phenomenal this mix is, and that I'm enjoying it immensely ♥ ♥

    ..Now that the first Shibuya Soul mix has a second entry to partner up with, I hope they go on to form a meaningful union and produce many, many babies from that(to be named Shibuya Soul 3, Shibuya Soul 4, Shibuya Soul 5, etc., etc., etc..) ♥ Because if this theme doesn't live long and prosper, it will be a true tragedy..! So, to say I'm thrilled to have a second installment to listen to would be an understatement, for sure :D

    Thank you very, very much for compiling and sharing ♥