Freitag, 17. September 2010

The Percy 500:Northern Soul

Today is my Birthday.Hooray,Yippee,Yeah.I would like to take this occasion to start a New Mini Series(with maxi content).It's called "The Percy 500".It will focus on the Decade of my Birth.The Sixties and the love of Music & an excessive cult of dancing.Considering myself as a kind of a Mod,what better way to start our Rallye with what these Times need most:SOUL.Northern Soul to be more precise.The roots of Northern Soul lay in the early Sixties in North England.Emerging from the Mod Cultures love to Rhythm & Blues and Soul.Besides Fashion,Scooters & Dancing,the collecting of rare 7" Records from States become an important thing.The Partys were called "Allnighters" or "Weekenders" depends on how long the Party went.These 40 Northern Soul Classics should be great entry for your "Allnighter".So dress to impress & Join the Club.See you all on the Dancefloor.The Pachinko Racing Team.

1.Martha Reeves and the Vandellas-Nowhere to Run/2.Rose Valentine-I've Gotta Know Right Now/3.Dusty Springfield-Little By Little/4.Herb Ward-Honest to Goodness/ 5. Unkown Artist-Peanut Duck/6.Johnny Copeland-Sufferin' City/7.Wilson Pickett-Land of 1000 Dances/8.The Cavaliers-Hold on to my Baby/9.Sharon Scott-Could it be You/10.Lorraine Chandler-I can't Change/11.The Ronettes-How Does It Feel?/ 12.Don Ray-Born a Loser/13.The Yum Yums-Gonna Be A Big Thing/14.Doni Burdick-Bari Track/15.Sue Lynne-Don't Pity Me/16.The Charades-Key To My Happiness/17.Carolyn Cooke-I Don't Mind/18.Earl Wright & his Orchestra-Thumb A Ride/19.J.J.Barnes-Sweet Sherry/20.Nella Dodds-Come Back Baby

1.Arthur Conley-Sweet SOUL Music/2.Betty Everett-Getting Mighty Crowded/3.Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell-Ain΄t No Mountain High Enough/4.Lou Johnson-Unsatisfied/5.Bobby Hebb-Love, Love, Love/6.Stevie Wonder-Uptight (Everything 's Alright/7.Tony Clarke-Landslide/8.Dobie Gray-The "In" Crowd/9.Jimmy Conwell-Cigarette Ashes/10.Rose Batiste-Hit and Run/11.The Velvelettes-Ain't No Place Like Motown/12.Robert Parker- Let's Go Baby (Where the Action is)13.Sam & Dave-Hold on I'm coming/14.Darrell Banks -Open the Door to your Heart/15.Nolan Chance-Just Like the Weather/16.The Fascinations -Girls Are Out to Get you/17.Earl Van Dyke & the Soul Brothers-All for you/18.The Supremes-There's No Stopping Us Now/19.Marvin Smith-Have More Time/20.Cody Black-Mr.Blue

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  1. Never let it be said that you don't have a definite way with words.. "Mini series with maxi content" :D That is exactly what this is! So it's fortunate I didn't struggle too long trying to give a label to your recent MegaEndeavor, because there is no way it could possibly be put better than that.(random thing to mention, but it's good to compliment someone when they use their words so cleverly, I think~)

    And I've got to say, the Percy 500 is off to an excellent start, and the first lap went so smoothly that I can't imagine the rest of the race isn't going to go as well.. No horrible miscalculations leading to gruesome crashes or anything :D Really enjoyed listening to these selections, which is undoubtedly at least partially owing to the fact I've been lamenting a lot recently over the loss of the one and only "Oldies" station that was broadcast on local radio.. It went off the air.. maybe a year or so ago..? And at the time, I actually celebrated this because, despite specializing in playing _three whole decades_ worth of music(50s and 60s primarily, and some 70s), you tended to hear a lot of the same thing(..which is always the way it goes with any radio station, I think) Like, you know, lots of Motown, lots of Elvis, lots of Beach Boys/Beach Boys knock-offs, lots of British Invasion bands.. which isn't so bad, actually, but I think there is a threshold of tolerance every person has, and you can only hear "Suspicious Minds", "Baby Love", "(I can't get no) Satisfaction" and "She Loves You" only _so_ many times, you know?(and I reached mine with each a long time ago.. I can't even enjoyably listen to pre-"Help!" Beatles anymore..) ..Strangely enough, then, my personal threshold knows no limits when it comes to most things Marvin Gaye related, so I was happy to see one of his songs included on here, even though I've heard it just as many, if not _more_ times than all those other songs I just namechecked :D But yeah, I've actually started to miss being able to listen to music from those decades(I definitely have a problem with putting my foot in my mouth, you know, so while I was trashing the 60s I had _completely_ forgotten about Motown and the British Invasion, which are both positive aspects of the 60s...), so hearing this mix was kind of like being able to listen to that station again, since I recognized a couple of the songs from hearing them on the radio.. But your mix definitely has an awful lot more variety, because there were more songs and artists I didn't recognize than ones I did, so..! A bunch of new discoveries. Always a good thing :) And revisiting music I haven't heard in quite awhile too, which is also a good thing~ Looking forward to hearing the other installments, for sure~

    Thank you for compiling and sharing ♥

  2. Here's a long-distance "Happy Birthday" to you from Japan.
    Hope you continue to shine.

  3. Happy Birthday Percy! I love the new Percy 500 series idea.

    In response to Anne about the content number, I have no preference for mixes with a large or small amount of songs. Every mix you make is awesome and shine with your thoughtfulness. Every mix sounds like a professional DJ or compilation work.

  4. happy birthday percy!
    sorry for just saying it now. really love what you've doin here, and you're such a kind person too :)
    thakyou for everything, keep doin what you love. rise and shine!