Montag, 6. September 2010

Singapore A-Go-Go

Chicks on Beat NO.7.These 12 supercharged beat-a-go-go tracks defy a common held belief that the Chinese couldn’t rock, groove, or swing back in the 1960’s.The vocals are sung in the dialects of Mandarin and Hokkien and they soar with catchy hooks atop groovy, clever beats. There’s plenty of electric guitar, organ, and crazy percussion rocking and twisting behind it all, at times reaching quite a mad and freaky state of affairs.Every single cut is a winner and it never lets up from start to finish.Or in the words of Yvonne & The Sparklers:Let's Go Gay.

1.Yvonne & The Sparklers-Let's Go Gay
2.Chen Jie and Golden Melody Band-Spring Wind Kisses My Face
3.Chew Yan and the Stylers-Tall Mountain Green
4.Grace Lee and the Stylers-Each and Every Flower
5.Kelsom Hashim & Plastic Deers-Pemuda Pemudi Sekarang
6.Linda Yong and the Silvertones-Happy Lunar New Year
7.Lotus Liew-The Lonely One
8.Mei Fing with Tony and the Polar Bear-Secretly Love You
9.Sakura-Baby I'm Yours
10.Sakura and The Quests-Puppet On A String
11.The Tidbits with the Trailers-Never My Love
12.The Vampires-Cold Rain Song



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  1. Hi!

    Really like your "Singapore A-Go-Go" compilation... It's just so hard to find this Asian Sounds. Especially interesting, as I am currently studying Chinese Language in China - but all these Mandarin Pop Sounds from the 60ies and 70ies are not to be found in China. Is this compilation of your a kind of "best of..." of the same selection of music on the sublimefrequencies label?

    Cheers; DubMe