Samstag, 24. November 2012

The Temporary Club 006

Come along, come on with me to a place just down the Street.Where the Kids are movin', dancin', groovin'
to the uptown beat of the Temporary Club.Go where the action is and the In Crowd lives.Laughin', singin', dancin' & swingin' Music that fills the Air,everything's gonna turn out right and we're gonna dance all night.

1.Mark Ronson-God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
2.DC Fontana-Sleeping With X
3.Laura Vane And The Vipertones-110%
4.Alice Russel-Let us be Loving
5.Al Supersonic & The Teenagers-Rumors
6.Plan B-Prayin'
7.Osaka Monaurail-Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
8.Andy Lewis-In The Land Of You & Me feat.Claire Nicolson
9.Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet-From now on
10.The Bamboos-Never Be The Girl
11.Jasmine Kara-Ain't No More Room
12.Frank Popp Ensemble-The Catwalk
13.Kylie Auldist-Just say
14.Lee Fields & The Expressions-My World

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Samstag, 17. November 2012

Kawaii Vol.10

Suddenly the Air started shimmering,it looked like if the Northern Light had turned into a Mirrorball.Infolded and caressed by the magic Light,i got taken away on a swell of sweet sweet Music.Tumbling throughout colourful open spaces that changed with every new Tone,i realized that i once again ,stumbled into " A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular".So Groovy.

1.Nomoto Karia-Ballet
2.Vanilla Beans-Nicola
3.Mini Kyute-Love!
4.Metro Trip-フランキー
5.Les 5-4-3-2-1-vol de nuit
6.Les Stereo-Phonic Theatre-Love so Fine
7.Monsieur Kamayatsu-Hatachi no koro
8.和泉恵 with 鈴木智文-Just in Love
9.戸川京子 with 高波敬太郎-キッシング フィッシュ
10.Mutsumi Inoue-I want to embrace you
11.和泉恵 with 鈴木智文-ジュ マンニュイ
12.Pizzicato Five-Drinking Vine (Alternate Cut)
13.Mari Natsuki-Obseques
14.Konishi Yasuharu-Tema Principale



Samstag, 10. November 2012

Pop is Sheriff Vol.12

It's Time for the last Mystery Tour of the Year.We saddled up our faithfull Red Scooter once again to go for one last Joy Ride.Strolling around the Places we loved so much during the last six Month ,soaking up and commemorate the all the good Times we had there.Soon the Cold & Snow will hold us captive in our Rooms,so enjoy yourselfs.We'll see us all again,when Spring returns.

1.Round Table-Radio Time a Go-Go!!
3.The Marshmallow Kisses-Mercy Mercy,To My ...
4.Brilliant at Breakfast-Gundala Putra Petir
5.Peppertones-21세기의 어떤 날
7.Spaghetti Vabune!-Cherokee
8.Dolly's Pillbox-Sugar Boy
9.Mallowe-Under My Thumb
10.Pirigwa-이름 모를 귀염둥이 미용실 언니
11.Corniche Camomile-Dozy Kitten
12.Red Go-Cart-Hummingbird
13.Nylas-Love for Free
14.Three Berry Icecream-Fine Day



Samstag, 3. November 2012

Starlight Casino VI

You made the right descision by frequenting the Starlight Casino for a few Hours of Distraction & Excitment.We invite you to tune in and dance out,dive deep into a Sea of catching Basslines and silky smooth Melodys.Escape your earthly captivities,groove with the Stars while watching the Earth spin.Enjoy your Stay !!!

1.Bird-Mind Travels [MGGM.RDMD Mix]
2.Jafrosax-Sweet Music
3.Pax Japonica Groove-Turn Me On feat. Monday Michiru
4.Yoko Ota-It Gets Me Down (Daishi Dance Album Remix)
5.45 aka Swing-O-Much Longer
6.Jazztronik-Walk on(Album ver.)
7.Yukihiro Fukutomi-Here and Now
9.Crue-L Grand Orchestra-Mo'R(Black Science Ochestra Mix)
10.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Son Minute of Love
11.Arvin Homa Aya-Love is everything
12.Jazztronik-Sweet Rain
13.Pizzicato Five-Questions
14.Cro magnon-Electric Lady Dance