Samstag, 3. November 2012

Starlight Casino VI

You made the right descision by frequenting the Starlight Casino for a few Hours of Distraction & Excitment.We invite you to tune in and dance out,dive deep into a Sea of catching Basslines and silky smooth Melodys.Escape your earthly captivities,groove with the Stars while watching the Earth spin.Enjoy your Stay !!!

1.Bird-Mind Travels [MGGM.RDMD Mix]
2.Jafrosax-Sweet Music
3.Pax Japonica Groove-Turn Me On feat. Monday Michiru
4.Yoko Ota-It Gets Me Down (Daishi Dance Album Remix)
5.45 aka Swing-O-Much Longer
6.Jazztronik-Walk on(Album ver.)
7.Yukihiro Fukutomi-Here and Now
9.Crue-L Grand Orchestra-Mo'R(Black Science Ochestra Mix)
10.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Son Minute of Love
11.Arvin Homa Aya-Love is everything
12.Jazztronik-Sweet Rain
13.Pizzicato Five-Questions
14.Cro magnon-Electric Lady Dance



1 Kommentar:

  1. Hello! I just wanted to point out an error: the song by Fantastic Plastic Machine is Todos Os Desejos, not "Son Minute of Love"! It looks like you've mixed them up, probably because they are on the same album (and still, it'd be One Minute of Love, not "son")