Samstag, 10. November 2012

Pop is Sheriff Vol.12

It's Time for the last Mystery Tour of the Year.We saddled up our faithfull Red Scooter once again to go for one last Joy Ride.Strolling around the Places we loved so much during the last six Month ,soaking up and commemorate the all the good Times we had there.Soon the Cold & Snow will hold us captive in our Rooms,so enjoy yourselfs.We'll see us all again,when Spring returns.

1.Round Table-Radio Time a Go-Go!!
3.The Marshmallow Kisses-Mercy Mercy,To My ...
4.Brilliant at Breakfast-Gundala Putra Petir
5.Peppertones-21세기의 어떤 날
7.Spaghetti Vabune!-Cherokee
8.Dolly's Pillbox-Sugar Boy
9.Mallowe-Under My Thumb
10.Pirigwa-이름 모를 귀염둥이 미용실 언니
11.Corniche Camomile-Dozy Kitten
12.Red Go-Cart-Hummingbird
13.Nylas-Love for Free
14.Three Berry Icecream-Fine Day



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  1. ..Is it really this time again already? :( It seems like just yesterday we were getting started with having these mixes back in rotation again, and here we are, at another Ending...! ;_; ...Which I should have sensed coming, considering the weather we've been having, and the fact snow keeps making an appearance and everything. But! On the Bright Side! I don't think you could have possibly left us with a better mix to take a last ride with and enjoy the company of until Spring comes back around again... This one was of particular note to me, personally, who was not previously familiar with a single song from it, I don't think... Everything sounded New, and Fresh, and I was happy to make the acquaintance of all of it... Me and "Mary" had particularly good times together :) It's so funny to me, that I have heard two albums of Chocolatre's, but the one with that song on it was not one of them... What is potentially their Best song was saved for Last, I suppose :) So, I loved "Mary" and more Store! And Peppertones, continuing to carry on in that fine Cymbals Pop Sound tradition, and that super cool cover of "Under my Thumb"...! Absolutely adorable. Totally unexpected! Really terrific~

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this and introducing me to so much New through it, Percy :) Would anyone mind terribly, if I hibernated until Spring, so I don't have to be tortured by the wait involved with Pop is Sheriff's return...? :D