Samstag, 25. August 2012

Kawaii International Vol.3

I already wondered where the Brigade Mondaine had gone when all of a sudden, i got drawn into a devious Scheme.A Secret Organisation,who's plan is to turn all Dance Music into generic David Guetta Euro Beat,pursicuted the Brigade.They wanted them to join their ranks or leave the Dancefloor forever.The Boys took me on a wild ride throughout the Concrete Jungle of the nightly City.A thrilling chase through shady Nighclubs & Bars that made feel like a Spy.In a spectacular Showdown the Brigade was able to escape and promised to return soon but before they vanished,they told me the Organization's next Target.I was shocked to hear that is was Shibuya!!! be continued in Kawaii Vol.11.

1.Isar 12-Die Straßen Von Obergiesing (Hackelström Mix)
2.Arling & Cameron-Hashi
3.Orbital-The Saint Theme
4.Ursula 1000-Smartbomb
5.Doris Troy-Kill Them All (Kowaiski Mix)
6.Corduroy-The Addison Tapes
7.Sam Paglia-Jungle Avenue
8.Higher than God-Night Trap
9.Don G-Gangster Beat
10.Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-The Bossa Nova Squad: The Case
11.Dodo-Soilent Green
12.Thunderball-The Panther
13.Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra-Taxi Chase
14.Ben Human- The Out Of Towner

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Samstag, 18. August 2012

The Temporary Club 004

I bet you Look good on the Dance Floor,so why don't we just move onto the Parquett,where's space for us to shake & twirl.Let your Hips do the talking,while we really Getting into the Groove.The Funk is taking over and we're doin' it Plain & Simple.

1.Baby Charles-I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
2.Stoned Soul Picnic-Ain't Gonna Tell No-One
4.The Sweet Vandals-Move it on
5.Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators-Keep reachin' up
6.Speak Low-If You'd Be Mine
7.Rachel & The Soul Criminals-Plain & Simple
8.Glen Anthony Henry-Hope
9.Jimmy McGriff-Ain't It Funky Now
10.Osaka Monaurail & Marva Whitney-Soul Sisters of The World Unite
11.The Dynamics-Seven Nation Army (Patchworks remix)
12.Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings-She ain't a Child no more
13.Dr. Rubberfunk-You're No Good feat.Sitzka
14.Illusion of Groove -Ghost Trip

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Samstag, 11. August 2012

Destination:Tokyo 5

Welcome on Board of Flight 010 of Pachinko Air.Ladies & Gentlemen this Captain Percy speaking:With some Elotion,i want to salute you to our Tenth Voyage throughout the glizzening World of Latin Jazz.For this little Anniversary we return,once again to your most popular Destination:Tokyo.The City that was the Destination of our first Flight.For your enjoyment,we mixed a delightful Cocktail of classic Easy Latin Jazz stired up with some modern Nu Jazz Flavors.Thanks for flying Pachinko Air.

1.Bossa for Decor-Decor feat. Miyuki
2.Keisuke Egusa-Summer Samba
3.Purple Shadows-The Joker
5.Masami Kawahara-Mas Que Nada
6.Original Love-Your Song
7.Toi et Moi-White Waves
8.Koysen Ohashi-Koryamata minasa hyakumenso
9.Ryoko Moriyama-Ameagari no samba
10.Sumiko Sakamoto-For me
11.Kaori Kumi-Kami ga yureteiru
12.Hiroshi Matsumoto-Meditation
13.Yuki Ota-Southern Wind
14.Flat Three-Wine-Scarlet



Samstag, 4. August 2012

Pop is Sheriff Vol.9

The Wind blows and the Sea calls,they want us to leave the City.We're going take a Field Trip,where we gonna let our minds slip.Gliding over the glistering Water, feeling the Sun and the Breeze on our Faces makes us feel whole.A Day in Life of ease goes and takes us to Places we've never seen.

2.Hideki Kaji-Heart wa hitotsu dake feat. CORNELIUS
3.Maki Nomiya-On the sunny side of the street
4.Mr. Cockrobin-La Pop! (radio mix version)
5.Naivepop Or Petitfool-Hosikuzu Loneliness
6.Metro Ongen-Eden
7.Roboshop Mania-Melody Fair
8.Yes, Mama Ok!-Hurry up!
9.The Marshmallow Kisses-回憶,旋轉,舞步
10.Straw Arts-Run Princess Run
11.Instant Cytron-Change This World
13.Moscow Olympics-Keeping the Avenues Open
14.Lazy Lorelei-Sunshine

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