Samstag, 11. August 2012

Destination:Tokyo 5

Welcome on Board of Flight 010 of Pachinko Air.Ladies & Gentlemen this Captain Percy speaking:With some Elotion,i want to salute you to our Tenth Voyage throughout the glizzening World of Latin Jazz.For this little Anniversary we return,once again to your most popular Destination:Tokyo.The City that was the Destination of our first Flight.For your enjoyment,we mixed a delightful Cocktail of classic Easy Latin Jazz stired up with some modern Nu Jazz Flavors.Thanks for flying Pachinko Air.

1.Bossa for Decor-Decor feat. Miyuki
2.Keisuke Egusa-Summer Samba
3.Purple Shadows-The Joker
5.Masami Kawahara-Mas Que Nada
6.Original Love-Your Song
7.Toi et Moi-White Waves
8.Koysen Ohashi-Koryamata minasa hyakumenso
9.Ryoko Moriyama-Ameagari no samba
10.Sumiko Sakamoto-For me
11.Kaori Kumi-Kami ga yureteiru
12.Hiroshi Matsumoto-Meditation
13.Yuki Ota-Southern Wind
14.Flat Three-Wine-Scarlet



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  1. Another mix celebrating its double digits milestone? Well! That just goes to show how fairly and judiciously you have been pacing yourself and spacing out the posts of specific Series', if quite a few of them are hitting that mark around the same time... That is pretty neat to think about. How planned out these sorts of things must be, to have things like this happen as a result of them :) But in everything with Pachinko Overdrive! There's always a definite Expertise effortlessly communicated, so, you know. We are working with a consummate professional here :D It's still impressive, all the same! And so is our fifth trip back to Japanese Bossa Nova Land... It's nice, hearing the additional layers of groups and sounds you've brought us for this mix and have added on top of the previous mixes, and the overall picture of that particular scene within Japan that all paints, which has an awful lot of variety to offer, obviously... Wonderful selections here, for sure... Absolutely exquisite ♥ Thank you very much for continuing to compile and share these mixes with all of us, Percy!