Samstag, 25. August 2012

Kawaii International Vol.3

I already wondered where the Brigade Mondaine had gone when all of a sudden, i got drawn into a devious Scheme.A Secret Organisation,who's plan is to turn all Dance Music into generic David Guetta Euro Beat,pursicuted the Brigade.They wanted them to join their ranks or leave the Dancefloor forever.The Boys took me on a wild ride throughout the Concrete Jungle of the nightly City.A thrilling chase through shady Nighclubs & Bars that made feel like a Spy.In a spectacular Showdown the Brigade was able to escape and promised to return soon but before they vanished,they told me the Organization's next Target.I was shocked to hear that is was Shibuya!!! be continued in Kawaii Vol.11.

1.Isar 12-Die Straßen Von Obergiesing (Hackelström Mix)
2.Arling & Cameron-Hashi
3.Orbital-The Saint Theme
4.Ursula 1000-Smartbomb
5.Doris Troy-Kill Them All (Kowaiski Mix)
6.Corduroy-The Addison Tapes
7.Sam Paglia-Jungle Avenue
8.Higher than God-Night Trap
9.Don G-Gangster Beat
10.Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-The Bossa Nova Squad: The Case
11.Dodo-Soilent Green
12.Thunderball-The Panther
13.Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra-Taxi Chase
14.Ben Human- The Out Of Towner

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  1. Ah, such a cool sub-theme you carried through with to compliment the Overall Theme of International Shibuya-kei with this volume! I read the accompanying introductory text with this post... Which was very entertainingly written, may I say!(fighting against a Secret Organization bent on covering the World in David Guetta Euro Beat...?! ha haaaa! ..I don't think I've ever even heard David Guetta, but that sounds gruesome, regardless)... and thought "Oh! Percy has definitely been watching too many action movies lately" XD, but then upon actually listening to the mix I realized that the Action-Packed Spy Set Up had a definite purpose, because the music itself sounds like the soundtrack to an extended chase sequence in a movie just like that... Of the Action-Packed Spy variety. So it's neat you assembled together a bunch of songs from artists who obviously had that common influence... Retro Spy stuff :) And it is nice to know that there is a tribute song written about a subject matter that should probably get a lot more respect and love than it does... Drug sniffing canines :D

    So, yeah, from cover art, introductory text, and your song selections... This is a Perfect Mix in every single aspect, for sure. Thank you very much for compiling and sharing it, Percy!

  2. great work Percy..!! some of these tracks are really great :-D "Hashi" remembers me of the great 50's Broadway Musicals.. Orbital's version of "The Saint" theme is exciting.. same for Ursula 1000, doris Troy, Don G, Dodo, Thunderball!! During these years I spent most of my time dealing with world music and lost the chance to discover these gems.. there's so much awesome music to listen to... and life's too short!!! :))