Samstag, 1. September 2012

Zero Gravity III

Welcome Back to Relaxation Central.The Place to refresh your Body & Mind.Get comfortable and switch off your Thoughts, let the Hectic and Stress of Everyday Life go.Open up and let the Music take you away to new Heights.Float weightless with the Sound and discover new Mindscapes.Tune in & drift among the Stars till you feel as refreshed as possible.Enjoy your Stay.

1.Cornelius-Typerite Lesson
2.Cubismo Grafico-Our Life Goes On
3.Salyu × Salyu-s(o)un(d)beams
4.Ino Hidefumi-Space Butterfly
5.Miyauchi Yuri-Ceof_
6.Mini Kyute-I Found Out (Takahashi Remix: Another)
7.Sketch Show-Flying George
10.Mika Arisaka-Cyberlover
11.Mondo Grosso-Graceful Ways
12.Hajime Yoshizawa-Portrait
13.Silent Poets-Come Rising
14.Kenichiro Nishihara-Waves Dub

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  1. The rare and elusive continuation of the Zero Gravity series...! Which has become something like an Astrological Event... It only happens every so often, so it's best to catch it immediately before you miss the chance, as it may never come around again...! XD No, I know at least a couple more volumes are promised... It's just going to be a little bit before we see another one. But each mix leaves me feeling satisfied and full of Electronic Refreshment, for sure, so it's not such a terrible thing, that these don't come around so often :) Our Zero Gravity Times. So, another satisfying, refreshing mix this time! Like I was saying before, you've given me a Cornelius song to puzzle over, more Sketch Show to be thrilled in hearing the inclusion of, clever use of "Sunshine"(a song that has grown on me tremendously, for sure), and the terrific New discovery of "Cyberlover", which is a _fantastic_ song... Very fine choice of selection with it, and it's another one of those songs that makes me wonder about the rest of the back catalog of the artist that is responsible for it... Perhaps I really will have to do some Mika Arisaka related digging in the Future :)

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy! It's always a pleasure~ Grabbing up these mixes and then spending at least a week with them :)

  2. is it a mistake that instead of track 7 Sketch Show-Flying George there is "Fantastic Plastic Machine - Reaching For The Stars (Koop Remix"? :)