Samstag, 22. September 2012

Kawaii Vol.9

I wanted to spend quiet chilled Evenning at Home,me and my loyal Pantherbike just wanted to relax but the Night turned out be anything but quiet & relaxing.The City called me with it's seductive Siren Sounds, promises Pleasure and sweet Delight.The Groove got me walking through Clubland again,meeting smiling People that hailed "Let's spend the Night together" and i gladly did.

1.Manabu Iwamura-Smartest World
2.Makoto Miura-Vivre Sa Vie
3.Konishi Yasuhara-Radetzky March(DJ524's top billin' mix)
4.Monsieur Kamayatsu-Nareba ii (Groove Room mix)
5.Comoesta Yaegashi & Jet Lopez-Muchacho
6.Pecombo-Sparklin' (unchant Pianova mix)
7.5th Garden-Girard's Dream (Switched on 5th Garden mix)
8.Maki Nomiya-Twiggy Twiggy (Richard Cameron re-make)
10.Takeshi Nakatsuka-Macaroni & Cheese (Asayake GHC mix)
11.Since-Let's Buy Something, Made in Japan
12.Les Gibis-Dancing Cat On The Optigan
14.Gelboys-Lost in Hollywood




  1. Hello! I don't know where to make this, but I'll do it right here: I have a request of an album that you had before but got deleted! The name is "Specialothers" of Kahimi Karie, could you please re-upload? Hope you consider re-uploading it someday, bye!!

  2. More Kawaii ♥ And perhaps this was something that was present in other volumes and I am neglecting to remember it, but I thought the choices on this one were pretty unique and interesting sounding, because they were largely instrumental... Almost entirely wordless communication going on! There were quite a few sampled vocal snippets, of course, but... I don't know, there was something really striking about the fourteen songs being brought together here, and that they were largely vocal-less is the only thing that immediately comes to mind when trying to consider why that was :) Oh, besides the fact they were all awfully good selections, of course! But when is there ever a mix of yours that doesn't have an abundance of that very thing...? :) So, yeah! Very cool mix~ As ever, thank you for compiling and sharing it, Percy! ♥

  3. Wow, I really enjoyed that song from Tremorela! More, please. :)