Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Old Fashioned Japanese Melancholia

The Summer is over and just in Time at the 1st of October,the popular Guestmix Series returns.We're proud to welcome a new Member to our little PO. Family, that goes by the wonderful Name of Raffaele.He was so generous to send us this sentimental Song Collection from Italy. It is about Sultry Japanese Oldies, the ones that made Showa Music Era so unique.The Theme i have chosen is "OLD FASHIONED JAPANESE MELANCHOLIA".Great Melodies,Beautiful Arrangements and a touch of Blues.This is just a little Sample of the Songs that made me fall in Love with the Music of this Country.I think there's not much other to add, than wish you much enjoyment with these 14 heartdrenching Torch Songs and please show Raffaele some Love & Respect with plenty Comments.

1.Naomi Chiaki-Ame Ni Nure Ta Bojou
2.Saori Yuki-Taya Tan
3.Inoue Yosui-Akogare
4.Maki Asakawa-Shounen
5.Kaneda Mieko-Watashi No Anata To Naite II ?
6.Naomi Chiaki-Muteki
7.Naomi Sagara-Iijanai Ni Shiawase Naraba
8.Chiga Kaoru-Mayonako No Guitar
9.Meiko Kaji-Urami Bushi
10.Ishida Ayumi-Blue Light Yokohama
11.Mina-Un Anno D' Amore
12.Naomi Chiaki-Betto De Tabako O Suwanaide
13.Momoe Yamaguchi-Cosmos
14.Kiyoshi Hasegawa-Absent

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  1. Hello, Raffaele, and welcome to the fold! :) Always wonderful to have new people who are willing to participate in this community we're trying to foster by making their presence known by contributing a guest mix... I hope this isn't the last we'll be hearing from you, or hearing something you've compiled together, rather...! But it's a terrific first impression you've left us with! I love pretty much everything about this mix... The strongly communicated the theme, the cover art you chose, which is almost like a representation of the music itself... Strange, which these songs are, at least to me! They're exotic for the fact I haven't had the chance to listen to much of this sort of thing... Strange, but quite intriguing, too :) Which these songs also are. Beautiful, and full of emotion, and really quite a fascinating listen. It was definitely a pleasure to get an introduction in bulk to this style with your mix, so... Thank you very much for sharing your passion for Old Time Japanese Music with all of us ♥

  2. wow mediafire sure has tightened things up since MU apocalypse. God speed my friend your work is much appreciated ~