Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Pop is Sheriff Vol.11

The Autumn Sun has chased away the early morning mist, the Streets are clear & fresh.The warm Sunlight through the brightly coloured Leaves gives us a final taste Summer.With a pleasent Wind on our Faces, it's easy to forget and leave all Troubles behind.Harmony, no Sorrows,everyday a New Life begins.

1.Honey Skoolmates-Go Now!
2.Red Go-Cart-My Bicycle
3.Spaghetti Vabune!-Candy
4.Store-Peppermint Sky
5.Chain Letter-Spring is here
6.Orangenoise Shortcut-Brassy
8.Kaji Hideki-Tu-Tu Boom Boom
9.Shortcut Miffy!-Like Sunflowers
10.Mocca-Seven Days Ago
11.Four Mod-คนอบอุ่น
13.Takeshi Nakatsuka-Dear Dad
14.Pirigwa-Pajama Party



1 Kommentar:

  1. A new Pop is Sheriff Mix!!!! ♥ ♥ I really do think that a single song effectively Made this one for me as soon as I heard it, and then with every single subsequent listen I made of it, and that song has to be "Peppermint Sky"...! Which is so...! The essence of Guitar Pop. So cheery, and so sweet, and with nonsense lyrics that are so charming("lucy in the sky sandwiches"...? well, okay...)...! Loved that one an awful lot. So I loved this volume an awful lot based on my awful lot of love for that one song :) But the others are excellent as well, of course! Terrific Nona Reeves selection, the Takeshi Nakatsuka track was also Wonderful(and reminds me... why haven't I listened to "Girls & Boys" yet...?! UGH), and I very much liked that Four Mod song... They were a new group to me, so now I am wondering whether or not I'd be able to find similar songs in their output...! Perhaps one day I'll be given the opportunity to find out :) But even if not! I'll always have this one song~

    Yeah! Sensational selection of music, as always ♥ Cheering moments on demand, whenever I put it on to listen to! A fantastic thing to have :) For all occasions, really~ Thanks very much for supplying and sharing it, Percy ♥