Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Shibuya Soul 11

Lights,i see them far away.There's so many lights,the colours and the voices drift my way.A Gentle Voice on the Phone says: Baby don't you know there'll be surprises,tonight.Leave the blue day behind,everything is yours now.A new World awaits you round every Corner,just imagine all the things that you will discover,TONIGHT!

1.I-dep-Don't Say Good-bye (feat. Ryutaro Makino)
2.Hiroshi Fujiwara-Turn my back
3.Love Tambourines-Love Space (Drink Or Love Takimiix)
4.Crazy Ken Band-Bibimbop
5.Instant Cytron-Summer Wine
6.Nona Reeves-Another Summer
7.La-Ong-Fong-Openly Love
8.Crazy Ken Band-シウマイ娘
9.Melting Holidays-Timebird
10.Asako Toki-Mr. Summertime
11.Swinging Popsicle-遠い空
12.Akiko-You've Changed (Funk Version)
13.Dorlis & Ino Hidefumi-Gozen 0-ji no WANA
14.Museum Of Plate-Outvention

Deleted due Copyright Complains


  1. Argh, Mediafire is on a rampage of removals. This is gone, just like another bloger (Dan's Garage) who uploads obsure 45's from the 60's. Argh!

    - popville

  2. Don't know what seems to be the problem?The Link is still up and works fine for me and some Friends who tried it for me.Maybe a temporarily Problem.Greetz Percy

  3. Absolutely Love ♥ And this is one mix I owe a considerable amount of debt to, since it made me aware of a collaboration between Instant Cytron and Small Circle of Friends...! That has simply _got_ to be Riki Azuma providing the rapping bits in "Summer Wine"! Haven't been able to dig up Official Confirmation anywhere, but I am completely and utterly convinced. That I should be able to recognize that voice, and I have! as part of that song. So cool~ And who would have thought! But you never can predict, the artists that cross one anothers paths and stuff. And this particular path crossing and collaboration totally worked out fantastically ♥ So yeah! _Terrific_ inclusion that provided a delectable piece of Collaboration Enlightenment~ Wouldn't be able to thank you enough for that alone :) But this whole mix! Wonderful, wonderful ♥ Nona Reeves, a double dose of Crazy Ken Band, a very, very, very nice Love Tambourines selection... Great stuff. Thank you very much for compiling and sharing it, Percy, as ever...! :)

  4. cannot download it.. i think its broken

  5. beautiful!! thanks for making it available :)