Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

The Jazz Fizz Vol.7

Notification:Pachinko Overdrive wants to apologize for the inconviniences during the last 2 Weeks.You may noticed that there are big Problems regarding the Downloads.Mediafire decided to limit the Number of downloads to 10 per Week,to force us to upgrade our Free Account to a Pro Account.This unpleasent Event led to discussions inside the Board of PO.,whether or not we should continue with the Project.We weigh the pros and cons and decided to continue.We will do the Upgrade during the next Week,so please have a little more patience until we got rid of all the Problems.We hope you will continue following our Blog and keep enjoying the quality Products of Pachinko Overdrive.Percy

Without any further introduction,here is this Weeks Post:

1.Cosa Nostra-Drive
2.New Jersey Kings-Green Screen
3.Gazelle-J.F. Taxi
4.Tokyo`s Coolest Combo-Tout va bien
5.Raw Stylus-Change
6.Mother Earth-Bad Ass Weed
7.Corduroy-Frug In G Major
8.Soul Bossa Trio-A little ticky
9.The James Taylor Quartet-Untitled No.1
10.Talbot & White-Riding the Rapid
11.The Brand New Heavies-Fake
12.The Style Council-Mick's Company

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  1. The matter of mediafire is very disappointing.
    May not you use other sites?

    These are recommended songs.

    Kana Hanazawa - happy endings

    Kana Hanazawa - sweets parade

    Twinklestars「Dear Mr.Socrates」

    Twinklestars「please! please! please!」

    Twinklestars - tenshi to akuma

  2. Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy! ♥ As ever, it's my continued education in genres where my knowledge is woefully deficient, and is helping along my ability to identify Acid Jazzy based things along considerably :) ..I think. I'd still be a little hesitant, to label something as being that, but...! I'm trying! And learning. And continually being surprised, to recognize songs that I probably would have never thought to place in that genre... "Drive", for instance! Have always liked that song quite a bit, and now I know how to describe its sound :) Loved the inclusion of Tokyo's Coolest Combo's "Tout va bien" as well, and your Raw Stylus and Step picks were ultra-nice as well :)

  3. kaku! Thanks for stopping by and sharing a couple of recommendations with us! Kana Hanazawa continues to be one of the Cutest Things Ever... Does she have a full length album out yet..?? I haven't been keeping track of the latest News related to her :( She needs to release one, if she has not...!

    And unfortunately, I couldn't get most of those Twinklestars videos to play for me... That rutube site doesn't like me all that much, I imagine :( But I recognize the "Dear Mr. Socrates" song from your Girls Party mix... Is it the same one, or am I mistaken...? I _could_ listen to "Angels and Demons", at least, and loved what I was hearing... I'd heard about the single it was pulled from, and that they were continuing to work with Reiji Okii... I could totally tell they were, even if I wasn't already made aware of the collaboration beforehand, because you can really hear the Cymbals influence in the verses of the song... It _definitely_ sounds like an Okii composition, which makes it an absolutely wonderful song, of course :) Really, really like the songs you've shared that I was able to hear~

  4. Kana Hanazawa released 3rd single"happy endings" last week.
    3 tracks including in happy endings.
    Satoru Kousaki produces it.
    They are the music that is my favorite shibuya-kei style.
    And, according to the information announced today, Katsutoshi Kitagawa is in charge of produce again in 4th single.
    The release of the CD is January 16, 2013.
    The release plan of the album is still undecided.

    Was not video of twinklestars able to look?
    Dear Mr.Socrates was a sound source same as music of former mixes, but wanted you to watch it by all means because PV was very pretty.

    Please try this link.

    The music that Reiji Okii provided in twinklestars is only three pieces of these.
    twinklestars does not seem to be active anymore.