Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

An Audio Obstacle Course

Come Wonder with me


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  1. This mix...! Would be another good candidate for the header of "Astro Sounds" and "The In-Sounds from Way Out", I really do think so! It was very... Very much like Spooky Radio Transmissions from Planet Weird or something. ..Which actually exists in our Solar System. Planet Weird does. It's just that no one has discovered it yet, see. But we're still getting visitations from it and seeing evidence of it, courtesy of this mix :D No, it's incredibly cool, how you put this one together... Combining International artists, for one thing, so what results is something that sounds like it could come from Everywhere and Nowhere in Particular all at once, do you know what I mean...? Difficult to pin down. As it should be! And I like... I like how... Schizophrenic sounding these selections are too... Like a stream of consciousness that keeps getting interrupted by a barrage of different thoughts and sounds and things every couple of seconds. Which is what makes it the Audio Obstacle Course, of course! The unexpected twists and turns and new things to contend with, sonically :) And that is probably the single best word to describe this mix with, too. "Unexpected". In the best possible way...!

    ..Oh, and the commercials are _great_. "Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night"? Well, okay... So bizarre...!

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy! It made for a superfun listen, for sure :)And don't worry... My headphones are well padded, so I didn't injure myself too badly or nothing, repeatedly getting through this obstacle course :D I was protected...!