Samstag, 21. August 2010

Bungalow Two

Back on popular request.On our second visit at the Bungalow we meet residents like the young french Thai-Girl Laila France.She teamed up with scottish songwriter Momus to record an extraordinary album full of Soft Eroticism, Wilhelm Reich's Philosophy, Weird Synthesizer-Sounds.Gregori Czerkinsky was a leading member of the successful French Exotic Pop Duo Mikado.Combustible Edison sought to rehabilitate the reputation of 'Easy Listening'.Successfully.Legions of new projects/bands like Air, Kid Loco, Barry Adamson, Gentle People and Tipsy were inspired by Com Eds early pioneering take on lounge- and especially soundtrack music.Talking of soundtrack music.In 1966 composer Peter Thomas,left planet Earth to musically accompany the adventurous journeys of Space Patrol Orion.His (for that time) rather wacky and futuristic sounds had lacked the appropriate appreciation and understanding. Meanwhile he ranks with the galaxy-wide top composers of the sixties together with Henry Manchini, Esquivel, John Barry, Ennio Morricone.Bolero on the moon rocks was sampled by Jarvis Cocker for "This is Hardcore" by Pulp.Enjoy your visit.Part 3 soon.

1.Laila France-Trance Cocktail Airlines
3.Kulturni Program-Quanda Que Ono Pori Canto
4.Stereo De Luxe-Lunar Hilton Brazil (feat Pat C.)
5.Maxwell Implosion-Mexe Mexe(feat.Pat C.)
6.Le Hammond Inferno-Cairo/Harem
7.Peter-Thomas & Maxwell Implosion-Warp back to Earth
8.Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester-Bolero on the moon rocks
9.Spring vs. Pez-Puerto Habana
10.Stereo Total-Dactylo Rock
11.Dauerfisch-Endlich Vögeln
12.Yoshinori Sunahara-Sun Song '70 (Bossa Version)
13.Combustible Edison-The checkered Flag
14.Momus-2 PM

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful ♥ Predominate thought that is eclipsing all other feelings about this mix at the moment though? So I have to get it out of the way first. "Baby Elephant Walk", what are _you_ doing here..?! XD ..Of course, there was a passing reference to Henry Mancini made in the above description for this mix.. But still. It's a little strange hearing that song outside of, like, sporting events, when it's played as intermission music, for drunk men to dance around to(thank you, The Simpsons, for forever making me associate things like that with "Baby Elephant Walk" ♥) ..It was the last thing I ever expected to hear, anyway~ ..Or one of them. Because I'm sure I could think of several things that would have been even more bizarre to sample..

    Anyhow, I very much liked this second installment ♥ The mood of it.. I was intrigued enough by Laila France to do a bit more research about her(..not that your description didn't do a good enough job to tell me all I would probably need to know about her, because it did, but..), and I came across a description that mentioned the roots of "Trance Cocktail" were laid in "sophisticated bachelor pads all over the World" by groups like The Cardigans, Pizzicato Five, and Combustible Edison.. and you know, that is what the entirety of this mix came off as sounding like to me. Sophisticated bachelor pad music~(..or would it be "sophisticated bungalow music", in this case..?) ..Not that I am a bachelor. ..Or live in a bachelor pad. ..Nor would it be sophisticated if I were and if I did. So I don't know firsthand or anything. But I imagine. That if you were, and if you did. This would be your soundtrack~ Or, like, the proposed Pachinko Penthouse? This mix would get heavy rotation there~(..I could be completely off track in thinking that though..)

    So, yes, this collection is extra, extra nice! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing, as always :)