Samstag, 14. August 2010

When the Winds blow

Ahoi.Now that the stagnant Heat is gone and Wind & Clouds have returned ,what's better do do then spend a Day on the Water.Let's set Sail and steer the Nutshell straight into glistening Horizon.To a Safe Haven where the Fiends are waiting for our arrival.Nice People,tasty Food & good Coversations.When the Wind blows.

1.Cosa Nostra-Sunshine
2.Love & Pop-처음 마음 그대로
4.The Jumping Balloon-Send me a Message
6.Kaji Hideki-Muscat
7.Citrus-Cymabal Hit(Like My Feelin')
8.Naivepop or Petitfool-Saturday Pops For Her
9.Yukari Fresh-Vig Dorian
10.Venus Peter-Every Planet Son
11.Snapshot-Recycle Song(The World Of Twist Mix)
12.Olive Tree-Winter Holiday
13.Roly Poly Rag Bear-All Summer long




  1. Ah, the elusive seventh Picknick mix ♥ You were well worth the wait ♥ ♥ And how delightfully coincidental it is to find one of my favorite songs on this particular entry of the series, as it's number 7, which is my favorite number :D ..Then again, I generally find personal favorite songs as part of the Picknick mixes, because the selections tend to fit my general taste in music exactly, so.. Still, loved seeing/hearing "Every Planets Son" alongside everything else.. it takes me back to the days of when I first started heavily listening to music from Japan, and spending, like, three whole years trying to track down an mp3 of it after hearing a sample on a website and being completely smitten with it.. I drove myself nearly mad from the effort, but still, those were good times ♥ ..What a sad, lame association that is to have with a song too XD

    Loved the Citrus pick as well, and the Yukari Fresh song, which was new to me...! Very, very good ♥ ..And you know, I don't think I listen to Lamp on my own nearly as much as I've listened to them as part of the mixes that are posted here, and I'm always struck with how good their songs are when I hear them this way.. why I still haven't taken the incentive to listen to them more extensively apart from that, I have no idea, but.. Still, it's always nice seeing individual songs of theirs picked out and put in the context of being placed on compilations like this ♥ Maybe that's just how I like hearing Lamp best or something~ Amid lots of different artists with similarly good music~

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing! I thought for sure this day was going to be awful, because I started it out by smashing my finger underneath my computer monitor and making it bleed ;_; , but then I visited here and saw this posted! So all is right with the World again ♥