Samstag, 7. August 2010

The Sociables prefer Pop! Vol.3

Welcome to the third Edition of The Sociables.Great Britian,the Birthplace of Popculture as we know it and still the No. 1 Place to look,when it comes to clever Pop Music.14 Tunes that shall represent a few of the many Colours that British Pop has to offer.From Spearmint's wake-up call to all unknown Bands,Lucky Soul with their Anthem for all left alone or Kevin McGrother's C-86 Ode to the good old Days. Classic Songs from New Order's "Backing Band"The Other Two & Tony Boy's Hommage to Japan's Flipper's Guitar.A Short Story by everybodys favourite Salon Socialists Saint Etienne & one of the most beautiful Love Songs of all Time by The Divine Comedy close our first short look on the U.K. Popscene.Next Stop Scotland.

1.Spearmint-Sweeping the Nation
2.The Postmarks-My Lucky Charm
3.Camera Obscura-Let's Get Out of This Country
4.Lucky Soul-The Great Unwanted
5.God help the Girl-Come Monday Night
6.Kevin McGrother-Living In An Enid Blyton World
7.Noah and the Whale-5 Years Time
8.Tony Boy-I like Flippers guitar
9.Lorraine Bowen-Ice Cream Lady
10.The Other Two-Innocence
11.The Superimposers-The Northern Song
12.The Cherry Orchard-This World Is Such A Groovy Place
13.Saint Etienne-Side Streets
14.The Divine Comedy-Everybody Knows (Except You)




  1. thx percy, what a great mixtape!! this is a really happy birthday!

  2. Yes, great, great mix ♥ "I Like Flipper's Guitar" is marvelous.. I've heard songs written in tribute to bands before, but never ones where practically every single line of the verses is a reference to a song title.. true dedication! And everything was strung together so smartly~ Remarkable ♥
    ..And you know, I recognized "5 Years Time" from having heard it used in a commercial before.. I'm pretty sure it was a car advertisement..? So it's nice to have proper identification for a song I thought was catchy. ..It's a bit of a shame that I can't hear it without thinking of cars though.. but I guess that is what happens when you hear songs used in commercials, sometimes. They are inextricably linked to the product they're being attached to in the commercial they are being featured in :\ ..Unless you were acquainted with them before they showed up in a commercial, because Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" and "The Passenger" were used heavily in commercials for cars and vacation plans, and I never think of either of those things when I hear those songs now. ..Well, most of the time. Sometimes I find myself thinking of cruise ships when I hear "Lust for Life", which is a truly terrible thing.. Anyway, a good song is still a good song, however you discover it, so..

    "The Northern Song" was another standout as well, and enjoyed the song Lorraine Bowen was featured on that appeared on Les Yper Sound, so it was good to see her back with a song that was just as enjoyable on this mix as well :) She seems like a very.. ah.. interesting lady~

    It was a particularly delightful treat to have another installment of this series posted, so, as always, thank you very much for compiling and sharing ♥