Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:Les Yper Sound

Day 7:For our last Excurrsion we visit the Japan Gas Association Pavilion,with the theme "World of Laughter".It looks like a laughin Gasflame.The Gas Pavilion has a multi-screen film show "symphony of laughter" shown on four screens to audiences of 380 at a time.We managed to get into the Toshiba and IHI Pavilion. Here 500 visitors at a time are loaded onto a circular platform that then rose 5.5m up into a 26m diameter theater space. An 18 minute film show is presented on nine screens, each 9m wide at base and 7.5m wide at the top. During the show, entitled "Light for Man", the audience platform rotates.Here we'll stay also for some Late Night Entertainment.The Event is called"Les Yper Sound" and over 30 Artists will perform the "Now Sound of Today".This Musical Tour de Force will be the perfect Finale to our wonderful Week at the Expo'70 in Osaka.Sayounara

1.Propellerheads-History Repeating feat.Shirley Bassey/2.Mansfield-Groove Room [For Swingers Only]/3.Corduroy-Moshi Moshi/4.Konishi Yasuhara-Yōko no Twist/5.doing Time- I Was A Ye Ye Girl/6.Qythone-Scooter/7.All Seeing I-Beat Goes On/8.Serani Poji-Rabbit Panic/9.Propellerheads-Velvet Pants/10.Capsule-Swing 54321/11.Tommy Bass-Bow Wow/12. Cubismo Grafico-Danz Le Métro/13.DJ Rodriguez-Personality /14. Miniflex -Terrestra/15. Skeewiff-Coming home baby/16.Montparnasse-ugo/17.Monsieur Blumenberg-Caprice Des Dieux 18.Pizzicato Five-Good/19.Stereo De Luxe-Jane/20.Yukari Fresh-3 Beats

1.Arling & Cameron-Ein Abend in Wien/2.Mansfield-Atelier 507/3.Lorraine Bowen & Robert Passera-Tee Tee Cocò/4.Qythone-Something Valuable In Me/5.Lemon-Citron Presse / 6.Comoestas-Bossa 747/7.Beat Bros Vs. Nilla Pizzi-La Rumba Del Cocorico/8.Comoestas-Mambotango no.5/9.De-Pazz-The Mambo Craze/10.Ciabatta & Paletta-Muchaco/11.Sandii with The Coconut Cups-Watashi (Comoestas Mix)/12.Calin with Fantastic Plastic Machine-Samba de minha namoradinho/13.Montefiori Cocktail-Trip 60/14.Pizzicato Five-Mais que nada15.Tipsy-Wig Out/16.Losfeld-Sweet Inn/17.The Maxwell Implosion-Tic Tac/18.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Please, Stop!/19.Serani Poji-Lovelabor/20.Dimitri from Paris-Okinawa love(feat.Kissen Horino)



P.S.I like to thank all the People who contributed & supported this Blog through the last Year.Especially Anne,Kyohei,Sam Houser,Akafuku & Heather.You're GREAT.Please keep/start commenting,it's very Important.Progress and Harmony for you all.Percy


  1. Will comment more extensively in a bit, but for now I wanted to let you know that the links for the two parts of this mix are exactly the same, so only part one is actually downloadable.. I cannot count the amount of times I've done that too, when linking multiple files at once. I copy and paste the first link, move on to the second, _thought_ I correctly copy and pasted that one too but it turns out it's simply a replica of the first link again. Déjà vu~ :D I will happily keep the first part as close company until I can hear the second too though. It looks scrumptious ♥

  2. Again, Congratulations! Making it through this week in one piece :D ..I'm fairly certain you have, anyhow. And you're absolutely right.. This mix was indeed a fitting finale.. All of the songs had that spirited, swinging, cleverly samplehappy sounds market, special Something I always associate with Shibuya-kei.. so even if all the artists featured aren't exactly considered to be part of that scene, their songs were still in keeping with some of the things that tend to typify the Best of Shibuya-kei, so each individual song/group is a Perfect fit in its surroundings :) It truly was expertly compiled ♥ But I've come to expect nothing less from the five million Euro man, so.. :D(really, you were selling yourself far too short by the branding of 50 Euro Man. you're way more expensive than that, I'm sure of it~ the quality of your work is a testament to this..! you're a high-end robot, for sure~ ..or high-end cyborg. whichever~)

    This journey has been a lot of fun, absolutely ♥ We'll do it again the same time next year, right? ;) But in a different location, of course~ Next year it can be.. um.. perhaps the destination next year can be Outer Space~ To a fictional space resort, like the kind that was the theme of Capsule's "NEXUS-2060" album :D I'm sure I could work out the travel arrangements~

  3. don't forget Mr. Anonymous! this is one of my all time fave music blogs! too bad i keep on forgetting to comment. hoping for more compilations soon. domo ari gato.

  4. Awww, thanks soo much Percy. I absolutely love this blog and missed it so much while I was traveling through N. Africa and the Middle East. I had limited internet access abroad. Now that I'm back in the U.S.A., I can finally catch-up on all of your awesome blog posts and mixes.