Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:An Evening in Osaka

Day 1:After our Arrival in Osaka for Expo,we're heading right Downtown.To get us in the Mood for our first visit tomorrow,we dive into lively swarm of People strolling down the Streets.Drifting along with the Soundtrack from Speakers everywhere,we loose ourselfs in the of Signs & Neonlights.See you all Tomorrow.

1.Jake H. Conception & The Sound Limited-On Any Sunday/2.Jankowski Singers-Rocking Voices/3.Count Buffalo & His Rock Band-Windy/4.Ayumi Ishida-Yuwakuteki Na Gogo/5.Tokyo Cuban Boys-Walking The Balcony/6.Keiko Mari-Tsukikaage No Rendezvous/7.Roberto Delgado & Orchestera-Grazin In The Grass/8.Syougi Yokoyama & Bossa Nova 7-Sunny/9.Houzan Yamamoto-Twenty Ten/10.Les Jeunes Etoiles-Beyer No. 91/11.Tamaki Hiroki & Jazz Friends-Tsuiseki/12.Hirota Mieko-I'm Comin' Home Baby/13.The Brothers James-I Dig A Rock'n Roll Music/14.Akira Ishikawa-It Happened On Saturday Night/15.Yukio Ohta & His Humming Birds-Villa 88/16.Miki Hirayama-Itsuka Doko Kade/17.Tadayuki Harada And His Group-Cinnamon And Clove/18.Akira Ishikawa-Yume Ga Hoshii/19.Ryoko Moriyama-Ame Agari No Samba/20.Hide & Rosanna-Midnight Bossa Nova



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  1. This mix was a lot of fun to listen to.. not just because it is completely immersed in Retro Charm(although this did play a large role in the appeal and enjoyability), but also because of the unexpected recognitions made with some of the tracks. Like, some of them, I knew I was going to be familiar with because I'd heard variations of them before("Windy".. but, of course, everyone knows (it's) Windy.. XD, "Grazin in the Grass", "Sunny", "I dig Rock'n Roll Music").. but I'd never heard these exact versions, so that kind of leant something to the... International blending/scope of this mix, and the overall theme itself.. taking familiar songs that have probably been covered the World over and including versions of them here too :) ..But I didn't expect to be familiar with "Rocking Voices", and then I heard it and realized that I _was_ familiar with it, because The Maxwell Implosion sampled it in "Moonboots", right? And that song("Moonboots") was included on two mixes that were posted here, so.. it was neat to make that connection to past PO mixes :) And "Twenty Ten".. I recognized that song because Cornelius did a version of it on "Fantasma" :D (I know it was originally a classical composition, but truth be told, I don't listen to classical music much, so I only know that song through Cornelius' version...) Shibuya-kei ties right there~ ..Kinda~
    Anyhow! Great mix, and a good start to our journey ♥ Thank you very much for compiling and sharing :)