Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Rio,Japan:Sunaga't Experience Remixes

Issue 15 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Tatsuo Sunaga started DJing career in the beginning of the Japanese club music scene. He has residencies in Tokyo and Osaka and also is quite busy djing all around Japan as well as overseas. He has released 6 titles of his mix CD series, World Standard through Flower and his so-called, lifework jazz compilation series, Sunaga Tatsuo no Yoru Jazz (Tatsuo Sunaga's Night Jazz) was and continuing to be released by 8 record companies and in total, 16 compilations are scheduled to be released through them. He has also released many domestic compilations but also compiled compilations of overseas labels such as Schema, Irma, Blue Note, Fania, etc. in Japan.
His solo unit, Sunaga t experience, has released 3 full-length albums to date.He is an important figure in the Japanese music scene and called Record Bancho (Record digging gang leader).Check out the first Part of Remixes by this Latineer Extraordinaire.Part 2 &3 in Progress.Percy

1.Kingsley/Perrey-Main Street Electrical Parade( Influence du Jazz Mix Sunaga T Expirience)
2.Jackson 5-The Love You Save (Sunaga 'T Experience's Asakusa S.C. '01 Mix)
3.Fabio Nobile-Zozoi (Sunaga t experience remix)
4.Montefiori Cocktail-On a Clear Day(Sunaga Experience Remix)
5.Pe'z-Hito Ga Yume Wo Miru To Yufu Koto(Sunaga T Expirience Remix)
6.Every Little Thing-Get Into A Groove(Sunaga 't Experience's remix)
7.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Whistle Song (Sunaga 't Experience Remix)
8.Tatsuo Sunaga-Lupin III '80 ( Sunaga t Experience 9849 Mix)
9.Puffy-Kore Ga Watashi No Ikirumichi (Sunagat Experience Remix)
10.M-Flo-Deep Within Audiomusica
11.Pizzicato Five-A Perfect World (A Night At Organ B. Mix by Sunaga T Experience)
12.Yasuko Agawa-When The World Turns Blue (Sunaga T Experience Remix)

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