Montag, 26. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:Bamboo Lounge

Day3:Today was exhausting because of all the Vistors(350 000 per day),we have to stand in Line all Day.Still managed to visit the Japan telecommunication pavilion that looks like a strange yellow caterpillar.They showed Prototypes of Telephons that work without a Wire.Future!Later we will join the Bamboo Longe at the Takara Beautilion Pavilion for an Evenning of swell Latin Jazz.See you all Thursday.

1.Jazztronic-Festalica!! (Clap Ya Hands!!)/2.Rosalia De Souza-Zona Sul/3.Orange Pekoe-Honeysuckle/4.Dorlis feat.Quasimode-kowareru made AISHISASETE/5.Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions-Paraiso/6.Jazztronic-MEGURU (Main Theme Jyuku-cho Mix)/7.Quasimode-Ghana/8.Sunaga T Experience-A Healing Blue (Shape of Jazz to Come Version by NicolaConte)/9.Soulstance- We Go Our's Own Way/10.Paris Match-Paris Strut/11.Soul Bossa Trio-Ain't No Sunshine/12.United Future Organisation-Moondance(moon rapping)/ 13.Tokyo`s Coolest Combo-Pachinko/ 14.Soul Bossa Trio-Thank you



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  1. Very nice~ Given that this mix is based in the same sort of sounds as the previously posted "Holiday in the South Zone" was, I'm definitely getting similar vibes from it and am returning to the Lounging and Sipping Fancy Drinks state of mind I had when listening to that one as well :D Ideal music to chill out to.. so this is absolutely the kind of mix I was referencing earlier.. the ones I'd want to stay in the extended company of. So the rest of you can move along.. I'll be staying at the Takara Beautilion Pavilion for awhile ♥
    As always, thank you very much for compiling and sharing ♥