Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Summer Madness

Hurrah!School's Out.With the closing of School's & University's during the Summer,the Holiday Season is finally here.Now that the City empties because all the People & their Kids are heading for foreign Soil,it's Time to reclaim the Parks & Streets of your Town.These 14 sampledelic Summersounds shall companion your Ways through the hot Concrete.Socialize,meet new People and enjoy the lightness of being.Viva la Felicita

1.The Avalanches-Since I Left You
2.Handsomeboy Technique-Your Blessings
3.Kidda-Feel Too Good
4.Halfby-Daddy Is High
5.DJ Hell-Copacabana
6.Sandii with The Coconut Cups-Nani Waimea - Kaua I Ka Huahua'i (It's a Man's Man's Field Tropicana Mix)
7.Lemon Jelly-Nice Weather For Ducks
8.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Different Colors
9.The Pinker Tones-Beyond Nostalgia
10.Mansfield-Especially For Espagnol
11.Plastilina Mosh-I've Got That Milton Pacheco Kinda' Feeling
12.Halfby-Whispering My Name
13.Bent-Beach Buggy
14.Miniflex-Peach, à St.Tropez

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  1. My, my. To use what must be my favorite Word of the day, because I've used it several times already: This mix is Incredible ♥ Sampledelic indeed~ It's like Samplepop Summer Funtime collected underneath one of the Best Titles Ever(of course I cannot hear the words "Summer Madness" used together without thinking of kuchiroro, and kuchiroro associations are my number one favorite thing in the World, so..)... absolutely delightful ♥
    Again, this is a type of music I really enjoy listening to but don't hear nearly enough examples of on a frequent basis, so thank you very much for sharing!

  2. i cant download this disc.
    mediafire say that tehre no server current available with the requested data.
    thanks from argentina

  3. Link works fine.Maybe you need to try 2 or 3 Times.Mediafire sometimes works in mysterious ways.