Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

Willkommen,Youkoso,Bienvenu and Welcome to the Festivities to mark the first Birthday of Pachinko Overdrive.One Year Pachinko Overdrive,over 25 ooo Hits.I think this is a jolly good reason to Party Overdrive Style.Also there is another Cause to celebrate.40 Years ago this Summer the first ever "World Exposition" was held in Japan.It took place in Osaka.Back then, the terms "future" and "futuristic" still had a meaning.The World of Tomorrow seemed within reach Distant.The theme of the '70 Expo, "Progress and Harmony for Mankind" may seem funny today but the naive approach to use Technology to build a better Future to all Mankind is what's missing today.In the early 90's of the last Century Young People in their twenties,who grew up on the Images & Movies from the Space/Jet Age,start to restore a Yesterday that never was.The World of Tomorrow in yesrdays Pictures with Now Sound of Today.This Post-Modern View of the Sixties as a Quarry for Images & Sounds led to a Global Movement.A World Wide Network originated,thanks to the Internet in no Time.From Tokyo to Berlin over to London and Whashington.A new Style of Musicians & DJ created the Soundtrack for a Pan Continatal Retro Futuristic Jet Set.Pachinko Overdrive as a Home of quality Sounds sees it itself in that Tradition.To celebrate this Spirit i will post 6 Mixes in the next 7 Days.Each Mix will be conected to a certain Pavilion or an Image of the " Expo'70".Hope you will enjoy this Tribute/Birthday Week.Percy


  1. Happy birthday to one of the best sites out there! And many happy returns! Congrats on your first year.

  2. Yes, a very Happy Birthday to Pachinko Overdrive, and Congratulations on reaching that milestone! ♥ ♥ It's a bit difficult to believe this blog was established only a year ago.. seriously, your dedication to updating frequently and the productivity required to keep a steady supply of good music available is not only intensely admirable, but also what has made up a years worth of posts here would have most likely represented several years worth anywhere else, I imagine. You have a lot to show for yourself :) And speaking of that.. I had the idea to represent numerically just how impactful being acquainted with Pachinko Overdrive(and you!) has been to my personal music taste/knowledge over this past year, so I sat and counted just how many new artists and songs you've introduced me to :D ..But be warned, I'm awful with numbers, so the figures I came up with are most likely off by a couple of digits. But it'll provide a rough idea, at least. So did you realize, over the past year, you have posted:

    65 mixes(which includes the guest mixes. ..but again, even including those, I'm most likely off by a few so I should instead say _around_ 65 mixes..)

    And through listening to those mixes, I have discovered:

    129 New Artists, and;

    233 New Songs

    ..And this number is a bit less impressive(I'm working on it though...!), but hearing all that new music also prompted me to actually buy 3 albums by three of the artists I had been introduced to here first :)(..well, sort of. two of them I'd first heard here(Eggstone and Cubismo Grafico Five), but the third.. I already knew of Yoshinori Sunahara, but I'd never heard "Clouds Across the Moon" before hearing it on "Your Disco Needs You!", _and I loved that song_, so it caused me to buy "Crossover"~ ..which isn't nearly as good in its entirety as that one song is, but.. I don't regret the purchase or anything~ ..for dorky reasons I won't even get in to now~)

    ..Yeah, I have no idea why every single one of those numbers has to be odd either. It's strange..! They are pretty substantial numbers though, I think :) It's like an entirely new community has been established in the cityscape that is my music taste, thus making it an even hipper and more desirable place of residence than it used to be, and totally Prime Real Estate XD No kidding, I truly am deeply indebted to this blog and everyone that has contributed something to it over the past year, because goodness knows if I ever would have heard so much Fantastic music otherwise :)

    And here's to a fruitful, many-tiered future ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Hello, Percy.
    Happy Birthday P.O!
    My best wishes for your blog's future growth!