Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:A Night of "Vorsprung durch Technik"

Day6:Most of our Time we spent today at the German Pavilion which is mostly underground.We watched a Fashion Show by the Designer Rudi Gernreich.It was called "Unisex" and was presented by a bald shaved Male/Female Couple.Both wore identical Cloth.Women in pants and men in skirts, everything can and should be interchangeable with each other.Quiet a Scandal.Upon the Pavilion they build the world's first, and so far only, spherical concert hall. It was based on artistic concepts by Karlheinz Stockhausen and an audio-technical concept from the Electronic Studio at the Technical University in Berlin. The audience sit on a sound-permeable grid just below the centre of the sphere, 500 loudspeakers arranged all around reproduced, fully in three dimensions, electro-acoustic sound compositions that had been specially commissioned or adapted for this unique space.And there we will whitness a Night of "Vorsprung durch Technik".See you all tomorrow.

1.Andreas Dorau-Hallo/2.Dauerfisch-Bitte gehen sie weiter/3.Jeans Team-Berlin am Meer/4.Der Plan-Und dunkel war's/5.Whirlpool Productions-From Disco to Disco/6.Merricks-Discodancig und Booker T./7.Die Moulinettes-Liebe Auf Dem Land/8.Stella-O.K., tomorrow I'll be perfect/9.Low-fi Generator-Stereo/10.Lee Buddah-Easy Baby/11.Elektrostar-T.F.W.Y/12.Isar 12-Inoffizielle Themamelodie für den evangelischen Kirchentag/13.Paula-Ärger/14.Stereo Total-Ushilo sugatta ga Kilei/ 15.Erobique-Kirchturmtreppen/16. Californiae-Tasse Kaffee/17.Visit Venus-Magic Fly/18.Tonka Seine Schwester-Nothing I Want You To Do



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  1. A-haa. Given the shared country of origin and some of the same artists appearing on both, this mix is sort of like the second installment of Schwabylon, hmm? It's exactly as I imagined it would be too. Just as good as the first(..if it really is okay to look at it as a follow-up) And a bit like the World's Most Masterfully Prepared Fantasy Sandwich.. it's book-ended by a sturdily delectable first and last track(reeeallly like both "Hallo" and "Nothing I want you to do".. so these are like the bread of the sandwich XD the most top quality kind~ so maybe white bread or pumpernickel, since those are my favorites~ ..kaiser rolls are really good too though. so maybe they'd be that kind..), which is then supported by a bunch of equally appetizing tracks in the center to fill it completely out with. So it's almost like one of those Too Flawless to be Edible sandwiches that are made specifically for television commercials or magazine advertisements, that are padded out and made to look much more delicious and Perfect than they actually are, so you're enticed to buy/try it.. but this mix is _just_ as good as you'd thought it would be just looking at it and getting an idea of what will be on there, so, it totally delivers on its promise~ ..Unlike advertisements and commercials do. ..Although, every time Stereo Total's "Ushilo sugatta ga Kilei" starts, I think I'm going to be listening to Michael Jackson's "Beat It"(the opening beats totally sound the same to me! ..and probably just to me..), but it isn't, so that's a bit misleading.. XDDD

    Still. Again. Best mix of the bunch. I love it tremendously ♥ Thank you so much for compiling and sharing it ♥