Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Holiday in the South Zone

It's Holiday Time.Pack your Bags and leave Home.Let's head for somewhere not here.Some Place where the Sun & the People are sweetest.Relaxing in the Shades while a gentle Breeze softly blows all your Trouble away.Leave all worries behind and think of all Fun you can find.Release the Drifter in you.We'll be there when Tommorow Comes.

1.United Future Organization-United Furture Airlines
2.Comoetas-Bossa Barocco
3.Sunaga 't Experience-It's you
5.Soul Bossa Trio-He Loves you
7.Kyoto Jazz Massive-Shine feat. Chris Franck & Guida de Palma
8.Pecombo-Samba de Toquio
9.Mansfield-Samba avanca
10.Orange Pekoe-Song Bird [Rework by Nicola Conte]
11.Quasimode-Rumble In The Jungle
13.Paris Match-Summer Of Electric City
14.Cornelius-Diamond Bossa

Deleted due Copyright ComplainsENJOY!!!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Terrific mix ♥ And I tell you Percy, one consistent compliment I can always give your mixes(and I know I already have, many times), besides the fact that I've yet to hear a bad one, is that when you want to establish a particular mood/theme through song selection, cover art choice, title, and description? You _always_ deliver precisely what you promise, in exemplary fashion ♥ So there's never room for disappointment :) So, yeah, great, _great_ choice of theme with this one. It is thoroughly soaked in evoking things like exotic locales, perfect weather and enjoying non-alcoholic drinks(lemonade!) made fancy with little umbrellas :D
    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing :)