Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:Discolite

Day5:Refreshed during our Day off,we arrive via the Monorail like Transport System.Passing the eccentric 70m Sun Tower,our path leads right to the Hong Kong government pavilion.It looks like an ancient chinese Ship.For a Night out we visit the Swiss Pavilion where a tree of aluminum in front of a finely-detailed, precisely formed exhibition hall. The 32,000 lamps on the branches were turned on in 10 stages. cooled air flowed in waves from the tree, making the plaza a very popular place to rest - electronic music is projected downwards from the tree - when the lamps are lit the music changed to another program and broadcast outwards from the loudspeakers at the treetop.See you all tomorrow.

1.I-Dep-Sign of Summer/Pizzicato Five-Wild Strawberry Boogie/ 3.Hourmelts-Your World, My Nest, Vague Trust/4.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Reaching For The Stars/5.FreeTEMPO-Twilight/6.Hairsalon-Everlasting love/7.Lamp-Konya No Futari/8.Paris Match-Saturday /9.Humming Urban Stereo-Delight Disco/10.Weekenders-Love Diary feat. STALKER STUDIO/ 11.Towa Tei-Forget Me Nots/12.Cubismo Grafico-Story Ends/13.Pizzicato Five-Jolly Bubbly Lovely/Akiko Wada-ano kane o narasu no wa anata



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  1. Outstanding mix ♥ There are many, many, many positive things to be said and to like about it.. The theme, of course, is one of my favorites, so it was extremely enjoyable to listen to for that reason.. And such superb selections ♥ ..I never thought I'd see a Hairsalon song on a Disco themed mix, but there it is. Fitting along so smoothly with everything else ♥ Great pick ♥ Also, that Weekenders song.. I said I was going to listen to their album back when you posted it here, but never did(forgetful.. distracted.. the usual excuses T_T), so having finally heard something of theirs.. "Love Diary" was a definite stand-out ♥ And it serves as a reminder that I really do need to listen to more things they've done (..and it also happens to serve as terrific motivational, successfully winning card games music :D I kept it on repeat when I was playing rounds of Spider Solitaire this morning, and I'm convinced it was solely responsible for the fact I won two of the games I played \o/ ..because I'm having a hard time winning when I'm not listening to it. no kidding~) And yeeahh, more Humming Urban Stereo ♥ And one of my favorite songs from my favorite FPM album ♥ ..And, um, Akiko Wada and her very.. unique sounding voice :D So nice~

    Thanks a bunch for compiling and sharing ♥