Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Adventures in Stereo Vol.3

The Year comes to an end and X-mas is only Days away.That means Music Freaks around the World create their Best of 2011 Lists.We at PO. don't believe in Rankings or Polls.That why we simply gathered another 14 Artists and Bands that exquisitly entertaint us throughout the Year.We start of with UK'S The Wombats and their rather melancholic Song that shows Coldplay how it's done right.Also from the UK are the Northern Soul Shouters Frankie & The Heartstrings,their powerful Debut was produced by none other than the great Edwyn Collins.Collins himself also made a fine Comback this Year after his serious Illness.The Very Most put out a good EP called "Patricia" it includes this Hym to the genius Jonathan Richman.More summery Tunes from the U.S. are brought by the One Man Twee Band Fireflies and everybodys Darlings Tennis.Multi Instrumentalist Brent Cash released with "How strange it seems" one of the best Records of the Year.Perfect Westcoast Pop that will conjour a smile on your Face and leave with a Tear in your Eye.Europe is represented with more classic Pop from France by Orwell.Italy send the dreamy Giorgio Tuma,Brideshead with their timeless Guitar Pop stand in for Germany.Scandinavia is represent by the joyful I'm from Barcelona,Retro Popper Le Futur Pompiste and our favourite Dane Jens Lekman and his Kirsten Dunst Stalker Song.I hope you enjoy this Collection.Please support all the Artists by buying their Stuff.

1.The Wombats-Anti-D
2.The Very Most-Jonathan Richman
3.Frankie & The Heartstrings-The Postcard
4.Edwyn Collins-Humbleh
5.I'm from Barcelona-Come on
6.Le Futur Pompiste-Winter
7.Brent Cash-Just like Today
8.Brideshead-The World stopped turning
9.Orwell-On this brightful Day
10.Giorgio Tuma-New Fabled Stories
11.Jens Lekman-Waiting for Kirsten
12.Fireflies-Stars Falling Down
14.AM & Shawn Lee-Down The Line

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  1. ..A stalker song about Kirsten Dunst? Blarg. What on Earth would possess anyone to want to ever write a song about _that_. :D ...Of course I am kidding! ..Mostly. But it does make me a little disappointed in Jens Lekman and where he reaches for lyric subject matter, to know about the existence of that song :( Boys are a Mystery though, so I shouldn't hold that against them too much. I shouldn't. And I certainly don't hold it against this mix for having a song of that nature included as part of it, because there's far too much Really Good to be marred by anything even slightly unfortunate ;) ♥ Year End overviews as a Song Mix is an excellent concept, and the results of this one were both splendid and beneficial in multiple ways, for not only providing a bushel of brilliant, bouncy tunes, but bands to check more in to after hearing them here first... Like, I am extremely curious about Tennis(who may very well be everyone's darlings but I hadn't heard of them before now :0 perhaps they will soon become my Darling as well though, once I listen to them more) and Giorgio Tuma, and while they aren't new to me or anything, I definitely need to get with listening to Le Futur Pompiste's latest since I really liked "Winter" too. ..And how it was so wonderfully paired with Brent Cash ♥ And then more Orwell! Terrific! ..Who I did not even realize had another album out as recently as this year(although I have listened to it, of course. totally missed the release date attached to it though..) Same with Edwyn Collins. Hm! Enlightening discoveries all around, then :) And in the best possible way to make them too, which is by listening to your mixes ♥

    ..And I know your expert cover art selecting skills aren't discussed nearly as much as they should be, but you get an additional tip of the (figurative)hat from my side for finding a suitably Winter-but-still-keeping-with-the-scooter-theme image for this mix... Who would have thought! But if something like that is going to be found, you'll be the one to find it, and put it to excellent use :) ..So much for my theory that scooters have to be stored away for the Winter though. Apparently they do not. They can go skiing right along with you, I guess. You'll just have an extremely difficult time trying to fit them in to a ski lift, is all.

    Right! Yes! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this mix, Percy, and putting together such a great 2011 Pop Music Time Capsule for us to share in exploring ♥