Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Starlight Casino IV

Welcome,it's been a while since your last visit at our funky little Mirrorball.2011 is almost over and what better Way to wave this rotten Year goodbye,than an Evenning full of luscious Strings & infectious Grooves.Shake your Booty on the Dancefloor or watch the Fireworks while we gently orbit the Planet.Have a wonderful Night full of Laughter & Joy.Thanks for your support,see you all in 2012.

1.Flat Three-Sky is the Limit
2.DJ Kawasaki-Beautiful feat.Karin
3.Chieko Kinbara-For your Love
4.Jazztronik-Feel the Air 2005
5.Studio Apartment-One true love (Eric Kupper Club Mix)
6.Mondo Grosso-MG2SS
7.Jazzida Grande-Coffee Cup (AKAKAGE's Peaktime Radio Version)
8.Crue-L Grand Orchestra-(You are) More than Paradise
9.Yoichiro Ito-Come Down to My Place
10.Studio Apartment-I'm In Love (Alternate Mix)
11.Soul Source Production-Feels like Home
13.Lonesome Echo Production-Sweet Dream (Blaze Remix)



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  1. Yes, a very Happy New Year to all the denizens and casual visitors of Pachinko Overdrive ♥ May 2012 be the year of Active Participation and bring along with it a lot more commentary and guest mix submissions ;D And I already know that if nothing else...! It will be a year full of Good New Music because all your mixes have been a neverending source of that very thing :) This was a terrific mix party to end another year with too... But I tell you, it's good I already planned on putting on my reinforced dancing shoes after taking the suggestion that someone made to me about having a true Starlight Casino Megamix by playing all four back to back, which I did...! ..Sort of. I played two and a half back to back, and picked up where I left off the next morning... So I can kind of speak of experience when I say that this mix seems to be a bit more of a... Serious dance mix. Because it's longer than any of the others by quite a bit for one... I'm unsure if that was intentional or not, but it's like you were gradually building up to a mix like this... More extended, you know? Little by little. But since this is our fourth trip to the Starlight Casino and all, that does kind of make for a Dance Floor Veteran by now, so...! We should be prepared for longer mixes and more dancing by now. I certainly was :D

    But, yes! Loved your selections.. This mix may have come off as being a bit more for the Serious Dance Floor Veteran, but it still fit along with the others that came before it quite nicely, and the majority of these songs were bubbly enough to remind me of the drink you're supposed to customarily ring in a New Year with. So we're having a Bubbly Audio Toast to 2012, then! Cheers ♥ And thank you very much, Percy, for providing such a fetching date for the New Year too ♥