Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Kawaii International Vol.2

"We're back",that was all the Card said but i knew that this can only mean one Thing,The Brigade Mondäne returned as promised.I diden't knew where to find them but the Beats led me the Way.When i arrive the Party was in Full Swing and dived right into it.When the Mornig dawned they were gone and i joyfully knew that they will return soon.

1.Le Hammond Inferno-An Apple A Day
2.La Yellow 357-Quelle Sensation Bizzare
3.Crippled Groove Orchestra-Everybody DAM DAM
4.Maxwell Implosion-Psychochutney
5.The Ray Makers-Tender`n`Tasty
6.Stereo De Luxe-Fandangled
7.The Easy Sisters-Easyness
8.Ciabatta & Paletta-Amor Amor
9.Coconut Monkeyrocket-Theme
10.DJ Rodriguez-Dolce Marimba
11.Ursula 1000-Riviera Rendevous
12.Reminiscence Quartet-Jazz Thing
13.Bertrand Burgalat-Kim
14.Dimitri from Paris-Souvenirs De Paris

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  1. Excellent ♥ Continuing on with a well established theme and carrying it through to not only compliment what came before it but to also bring along a lot of delicious surprises all of its own... These qualities are what I've come to expect from your mixes and what you consistently deliver with them, and This One is absolutely another example of That... I loved this return trip to the World of International Shibuya-kei and making discoveries like Coconut Monkeyrocket through it ♥ Totally great! And masterfully selected and executed, of course :) Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this mix, Percy ♥