Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

The Soul Fizz Vol.2

Here it is the long awaited 2nd Part of The Soul Fizz.It took quite some Time but it was worth waiting.Another 14 silky smooth Songs from the Acid Jazz Vault.Artists from Scandinavia like Celestine and Magnum Coltrane Price,Isabelle Antenna from France,The Brand New Heavies & the "Side Grinder" Ronny Jordan plus a lot more groovy People create a perfect Soundtrack for your Evenning out. Enjoy this super relaxed,soulful Cocktail we call "The Soul Fizz".To be continued...

1.Celestine-Movin' on
2.Isabelle Antena-Sofa
3.Talbot & White-Say You'll Never Leave Me
4.Ronny Jordan-Show me (Your Love)
5.Xan-Whatcha gonna do
6.Mother Earth-We're a Winner
7.Quiet Boys-Always Be the One
8.The Brand New Heavies-Got to give
9.The Solsonics-Daddy Love
10.Incognito-Inside Life
12.Magnum Coltrane Price-When Love begins
13.Swing Out Sister-Notgonnachange
14.Jessica Lauren-Couldn't Take The Missing You



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  1. Extra-fine work, Percy ♥ ..Although. I think if we're going to compare the Soul Fizz to any sort of mixed drink, it should be a Smoothie :D The best possible adjective for summing up this mix series is right in the name(smooth), and they're both cool and refreshing(..or so I've heard. I've never actually had a smoothie...) and good for you...!(..providing you aren't drinking the kinds offered at Fast Food restaurants, anyway, which are loaded with sugar) So, yes, the Soul Fizz is like a smoothie that has been created by putting some of your favorite ingredients in a blender(the ingredients in this case being dashes of the Jazz Fizz mixed with the Soulful Sophistication of the Shibuya Soul mixes), with this second volume being just as good as the first serving ♥ I'm looking forward to subsequent volumes hopefully being made part of my regular diet, then...! :D That I can perhaps expect as a bit of Mellowing Out to directly follow the high energy of things like the Kawaii mixes, because you are either intentionally or unintentionally creating this sort of pattern... The first Soul Fizz came after a Kawaii-like mix, and the second Soul Fizz came after a direct Kawaii mix... I'll look for more of these pairings in the future...? :D

    And as ever, thank you very much for compiling and sharing this ♥