Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

AKSB Pop Vol.2

The 1st of December,the start of the festive Season and the first Gift comes in form of another splendid Guestmix by Kaku.He was so generous to create a follow up to his very popular AKSB Compilations.15 more great Songs that range from classic P.5 Sounds to lush Disco Strings.Please show Kaku Love & Respect.

1.Ai Nonaka-Yume no drive
2.Aoi Yuuki as Mio Aoyama-Koi no Shirushi from Mio
3.Chata-Winter Bellsô
4.Emiri Katou-Egao no Katachi
5.Hiromi Konno-Wish "Choppiri no Yuuki"
6.Kobayashi Yuu-My Life
7.Mayumi Shindou-Yes,you can make it
8.Orikasa Fumiko-Garden
9.Rie Kugimiya-Gokigen Blizzard
10.Saori Gotou & Daisuke Ono-Real,Realga,Unreal
11.Shimazu Saeko-Last Kiss
12.Yanase Natsumi-Hitomi Sunshine
13.Yui Horie-Romantic Flight
14.Yukari Tamura-Tsuki no Mahou de Koishitai
15.Tomoko Akiya-Chemical Magical Coohing



P.S.If YOU like to contribute a Guestmix and support your favourite Artists & Songs, please contact me.We will work something out.

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