Samstag, 26. November 2011

Shibuya Soul 7

You step outside into the dark Night.The Air is clear and fresh,you can almost smell the Snow.Flickering Neon Signs shimmer on the wet Asphalt.Through the closed Door you still can hear the warm & ingratiating Sounds of the Music.For a moment you keep completly still,feel the comfert of solitude.Free at last.The Night is yours.

1.Crazy Ken Band-Sweet Seoul Tripper
2.Asako Toki-Aozoranokakera
3.Coco D'Or-Just the two of us
4.Paris Match-The Day I Called It a Night
5.Love & Pop-Night Scene
7.Ino Hidefumi-Lascia ch'io pianga
8.Spank Happy-Norumumeito
9.K-Taro Takanami-Shall we dance?
10.Okui Kaori-Kumori nochi ame
11.Choclat & Akito-学生街の喫茶店
12.Immigrant's Bossa Band-PATO feat.Ai Ichikawa(Little Classic Remix)
13.Sana-0/1 ANGEL
14.Tomosuke-Reaching for the Stars



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  1. For the first time quite possibly Ever, I felt as though I could enthusiastically, positively comment on a mix you've posted without having even heard it yet, simply because I was so excited to see the last two tracks you select as part of it..!! Stopped myself from doing so, obviously :D _Terrific_ selecting though, with Sana's version of "0/1 Angel" and Tomosuke's "Reaching for the Stars"... Again, I would have never thought to place either in the context of these mixes but that is again where your genius mind and expert selecting came in to play because they both worked exceptionally well, particularly "Reaching for the Stars"... Fun fact! When they used that song on a Pop'n Music, they gave it the genre of "Acid Jazz"... Pretty interesting, hm? I don't know if it quite fits that classification, but(well, the game mix is quite a bit different from the album mix.. the tempo is faster and possibly more Jazzy sounding, so maybe it does fit..?)... If only they were aware of these mixes! They could have called it "Shibuya Soul" and that would have been much better :)

    Anyhow, as to the rest of your selections! Twelve additional expert representatives of that graceful, creamy sophistication we've come to know and love... Really liked this mixes Toki Asako choice, and Paris Match, Love & Pop, Ino Hidefumi, and the fact that Spank Happy was included as part of this at all which also took me by great surprise...! And the K-Taro Takanami track definitely makes me curious about the rest of his solo career, since I'd never before heard any songs from it but would now like to hear additional examples... "Shall We Dance?" definitely reminded me a bit of early P5, so I wonder if the rest of his music sounds that way...

    Yes! So! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful addition to the Shibuya Soul canon :) Seven strong and still continuing on! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this additional volume ♥