Samstag, 5. November 2011

Feels like dancing:The Akakage Remixes

Issue.19 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Yoichiro Ito aka AKAKAGE(Red Shadow)is a well known DJ,Producer and Remixer for several Artists.He released several superb Albums as AKAKAGE and also has puts out Music under other monikers such as Natural Essence,aaron.,RS-3000,titi project.His Style as AKAKAGE could be best discribed as classic Shibuya Kei.Fast Paced,Playful & Ultra Stylish.His Sound spinning through Jazz, Latin,Pop and excellent Lounge Style.Here are 14 Remixes to prove his Class.If this won't bring you on your Feet,nothing will!

1.Rub-a-Dub Market-Tick-a-Tack (Akakage's Uproar Party)
2.Seiko Matsuda-ROCK'N ROUGE('AKAKAGE'S Pure Pure ELECTRO 3000)'
3.Hiromi Go-Goldfinger '99 (Akakage's Happy Finger ★99)
4.Akakage-Theme from Lupin the 3rd 3(AKAKAGE's Happy Set)
5.Nobuyuki Ohnogi-Mappy (Latin Makes You Happy)
6.Eel-Astral Voyage(Akakage's Sweet Peaktime Samba)
7.M-Flo-Stuck in your Love(AKAKAGE's Tropical Smile)
8.Jazzida Grande-Coffee Cup(AKAKAGE's Peaktime Radio Version)
9.Koda Kumi-Crazy 4 U (Akakage's crazy love Remix)
10.Ozawa Kenji-Suyoi Kimochi-Tsuyoi ai (Akakage Remix)
11.Jazzida Grande-Highs And Lows (Akakage Kills Peaktime Floors)
12.Nobuyuki Ohnogi-Galaga (Feel Like Makin Jazz)
13.川井憲次-Dear(AKAKAGE's Hare Toki-doki Kumori Remix)
14.Every Little Thing-スイミー(Akakage's Sweetest Beach)



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