Samstag, 19. November 2011

The Jazz Fizz Vol.4

Part.4 of The Jazz Fizz.In this part we focus on another component of Acid Jazz,the Rare Groove.A groovy mixture of 70's Funk,Fusion,Afro Cuban Jazz and Organ driven Movie Scores.It Pays Tribute to Icons like Quincy Jones,Fred Wesley,Roy Ayers,Ray Barretto,Georgie Fame and Lalo Schifrin.The List is endless.Some of the mentioned joined the young Generation at some of their Recordings or at Live Shows.Other than the Originals,the new Bunch focuses more on the Dancefloor not so much on Free Play & Improvisation.Or as Rob Gallagher would say "Boots are made for walking,Jazz is made to dance".More in Part.5

2.Love Tambourines-Mama don't cry
3.Mother Earth-Stoned Women
4.Original Love-Judment
5.Happy Alright-Mission 65
6.Flipper's Guitar-Cool Spy on a Hot Car
7.The Brand New Heavies-Snake Hips
8.Soul Bossa Trio-Come an' get it
10.The James Taylor Quartet-The Cat
11.The Hip Joints-Lickout
12.Tokyo`s Coolest Combo-Dancing Seventeen
13.Nwetone-Sad to sever
14.Bullitt-Give it all you got

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  1. Class is back in session and I've definitely taken away a new, Important bit of terminology that I hope listening to this mix will have equipped me to use correctly... "Rare Groove".. I'll have to remember that, and its definition. ..And the fact it can be applied to Flipper's Guitar, which surprised me a little bit, to see them included as part of this... I never did know how to categorize "Cool Spy on a Hot Car" though, and think that Organ Driven Movie Score-esque sounds about right, so Rare Groove it is :)

    This was another satisfying lesson, for sure.. More Galliano(and as concrete proof that your Education System Truly Works, I think you would possibly be So Proud to know, Percy, that I was watching a movie the other day that used a Galliano track as part of its soundtrack, which I swear I did not know beforehand, but upon hearing the song I said to myself, I said "Oh! This sounds like Galliano! I bet it is!", and when I did research to see if it was, IT WAS. so I'm familiar enough with them to be able to identify their music on my own! thank you, Professor Percy~ thank you, Jazz Fizz~ ..strangely enough, I more recognized them for their female vocalist than for Rob Gallagher's voice. weird? have you ever seen the movie "187" though? with Samuel L. Jackson? that's what I was watching. and it's said that its soundtrack can only be appreciated by "die hard trip-hoppers", so I bet you'd like it too~ ..but probably already know every single track that was picked as being part of it, so..), appearances by Original Love, and I quite liked the additional Brand New Heavies track and Tokyo's Coolest Combo's as well :)

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing. ..And for making me aware of more kinds of music than I've probably ever been exposed to in my entire life ♥ I try my best to be a good student and take it all in, and that certainly had paid off in many ways :)