Samstag, 12. November 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.6

For a single Day the foogy and gloomy Weather is gone.The Sun returned and invited us for a final excursion.We jump on our little red Scooter and head to leave the City torwards the Seaside.Soaking up the last warm rays of Sun while watching some occasional Boats sailing their Farewell Tour.Sweet & Still.The Sheriff will return next Spring.

1.Orangenoise Shortcut-Volumy!
2.Riddim Saunter-Sweet & Still
3.Round Table-Youngmen Blues
4.The Collector-Moon Love Child
5.Kaji Hideki-This Is Still O.K(Single SM Mix)
6.Tirolean Tape-Pictures Of Matchstick Fans
7.Spaghetti Vabune!-Race U.K.
9.Cecil-Safe Rider
10.Mocca-Lucky me
12.Roly Poly Rag Bear-Green
13.White Shoes & The Couples Company-Zamrud Khatulistiwa (Version 2010)
14.Ballads Of The Cliché-Snapshot Of Serenity



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  1. ..I'm trying awfully hard not to be, but I must confess I am considerably heartbroken over the idea that this was our last scooter sojourn with Pop Sheriff approved music until Spring ;_; We're really packing away these things for the Winter now..?! Awww ;_; It _was_ a wonderful, if bittersweet!, way to bring a last bit of life and color to what is steadily becoming an incredibly bare and dull landscape.. You better believe I have been prolonging the inevitable and listening to this mix a bunch of times over to get the very most that I can from it :) Wringing out those last bits of Guitar Pop Sweetness and refusing to believe that the Winter Doldrums are soon to set in ♥ ..Oh, and maybe I shouldn't be too sad anyway, because while the Sheriff may be away his Deputy is still going to make an appearance, isn't he? So there's that to look forward to ;)

    Anyhow! Loved loved loved these selections, of course... More Orangenoise Shortcut! Extremely well chosen Orangenoise Shortcut too! And your choice of Riddim Saunter definitely gave me a new found appreciation for the song "Sweet & Still" which made a far better impression here than it did when I listened to the album it came from... And it was great to both see and hear that you're continuing on with the subseries I have decided that you simply must be creating without directly acknowledging that you are, which is a Round Table Best Of spread out over all kinds of different mixes :D Since, yet again!, you've picked an extraordinarily fine track of theirs to highlight. For a song called "Youngmen Blues", it worked astonishingly well as Sunny Traveling music :0

    See you again in Spring, Pop is Sheriff ;_; May your law enforcement work continue on in the months you're away so you'll have all kinds of additional good things to bring along with you when you're back again :) And thanks very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy! It was a pleasure, as always ♥