Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011


Welcome on Board of Flight 006 of Pachinko Air.The Summer is over and the Winter is almost here.That means not only the change of Season,it also means Time for a new Wardrobe.Where else to go than one of the World's most trendy Fashion Capitols, Milano.Take a stroll through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,one of the most opulent Buildings of the 19th Century.For your accustical Pleasure throughout the Trip,we got Italy's best Jazz Label Schema.Schema is the Home for tailor made stylish Jazz Tunes that satisfies the needs of every sophisticed Hipster.Buy all their Releases.Thanks for flying Pachinko Air.

1.Mario Biondi & The High Five Quintet-This is what you are
2.Cabaret Noir-Ballade du Nuage
3.Gerado Frisina-Will you walk a little faster
4.Nicola Conte-My Kind of Sunshine
5.Emily Jones-If Dreams come true
6.Lorenzo Tucci-My Kinda World
7.Alessandro Magnanini-But not for you
8.S-Tone Inc.-How high is the Moon
9.Rosalia De Souza-Rio De Janeiro
10.Toco-Instalação do Samba
11.Les Hommes-Girl On A Mission
12.Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi-Theme Of A Solitary Note
13.Quintetto Lo Greco-Woodoo Dance
14.Quartetto Moderno-Love Theme From Spartacus

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  1. An extraordinarily refined selection of songs you've gathered together this time around... I don't know about this "sophisticated Hipster" stuff(I've never heard of such a thing! and one is in direct contradiction to the other, as far as I'm concerned, so they don't exactly pair together well..), but I _do_ know that I was struck probably not for the first time at how Portable these mixes are, and this one in particularly is.. There is, of course, something intrinsically Lounge-y and even Beach-y about some of this music, so like you said yourself in your Intro, you could carry these songs along with you throughout every phase of the trip and have them provide the Perfect Soundtrack, so it is a Complete Aural Vacation Package in itself :D Every single detail is covered and included, all for One Affordable Price(which would be the hour of your time it takes to listen to completely mix, of course :D ..or, ah, in my case, the hour and a half it takes because I tend to repeat tracks) Absolutely. Yes. So. While I liked all the songs you chose to represent both a trip to Milan and the Schema label through, the first track was definitely the very Best.. Mario Biondi has such a pleasant, soothing voice ♥ And "This is what you are" is certainly the type of song you could live within for an extended period of time, do you know what I mean? Exceptionally nice ♥ So when I think back to my time in Milan, the first thing that will come to mind is "Mario Biondi", for sure. ..Although maybe it should be Nicola Conte, for obvious reasons, but...! Mario Biondi made quite the impression, and it's that kind of thing that will stick with me longer, I imagine :)

    Thank you for compiling and sharing this, Percy ♥ You've got a good thing going with centering an entire trip mix around a single label, so I do wonder if we'll eventually make returns to Milan much like we did with Tokyo and we'll be treated to more Schema along the way.. You should consider it! :)