Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

The Sociables prefer Pop Vol.7

Bienvenue à la partie 7 de la The Sociables.France isen't too well known for it's Pop Scene.A very selfcentered cultural politic like the 40% rate for french Artists on the Radio,helped to promote new french Music but mostly in France.That changed with in the early Ninties with artists like Philippe Katerine and Louis Philippe. Louis Philippe can be counted as an Elder Statesment of Pop.With his work for él he scored a string of independent hits in Japan and became an iconic figure for the so-called Shibuya-kei.He released some records for Cornelius Trattoria Label.More recent Artists are Tahiti 80 & Orwell who have success outside of France with their Brit Pop oriented Sound.Same with Nouvelle Vague.The Band had a huge success with their neo Lounge Covers of classic New Wave & Punk Hits.French exponents for the Nouvelle Chanson are Benjamin Biolay,Barbara Carlotti,Coralie Clément and Valerie Lemecier.She released on the wonderful Label Tricatel.Owned by Producer,Composer and Musician Bertrand Burgulat.Next Stop Italy

1.Katerine-Parlez-vous Anglais Mr Katerine
2.Pony Express-Les petits matins
3.Tahiti 80-Silly walkin'
5.Oliver Libaux-L'Heroine Au Bain
6.Nouvelle Vague-Too drunk to fuck
7.Katerine-Mon coeur balance
8.Valerie Lemecier-Bungalow
9.Toog-Retour A Capri
10.Louis Philippe-Every Day gone by
11.Orwell-Fear of Mars
12.Coralie Clement-Lou
13.Barbara Carlotti-Ici
14.C.Mastroianni & B.Biolay-A House is not a Home

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  1. Back in the company of our World-Wide trip through Pop ♥ ♥ Splendid! And I love the progression of this one... A bit of light, bright and pastoral sounds to start off with, and that eventually gets expanded out to include Electronic twinkles and danceable beats the further in to the mix you listen(and even a little bit Outer-Spacey for a moment too, thank you Orwell ♥ I totally hear UFOs descending at the end of "Fear of Mars"~ ..just me?)... A well-rounded balance, absolutely. You've given me quite a few names to latch on to as well... I'd already mentioned the intense Orwell love I have now(they. are. so. great. ♥), and the attraction to Louis Philippe(I wasn't previously aware that he was such a recognized name in Shibuya-kei circles... kind of explains why he paired up with Maki Nomiya on a recent Happy End covers album, then...!), but I'm also quite intrigued by Katerine now that I've heard more songs of his, and "Bungalow" was such a great track too(unsurprising, if Bertrand Burgulat had anything to do with it :) ..perhaps he didn't though. I'm not sure. he's loosely related, anyway, since you did mention it was his label Valerie Lemercier released things through...), and new music introductions continue to be the most fulfilling thing I get from my weekly visits to PO, so this was definitely another successful and satisfying trip in that regard ♥ ..And every regard, really, because there are absolutely no down-sides to visiting PO so often and listening to each new mix you post as you post them :) Always something new to learn, always something new to love ♥ So thank you for continuing to supply those sorts of things for all of us ♥ ♥ ...By the way. Your Tahiti 80 selections continue to be the single most convincing set of reasons I am shortly going to start investing in more of their albums. Felt a "I need to keep this song on repeat Forever" kind of way about "Easy", and am feeling it now with "Silent Walkin'" too, so you've got an especially finely tuned ear for isolating and highlighting some of their Best Tracks, absolutely. And that is a wonderful, wonderful thing~ ..Since they do have notsogood tracks, sometimes. I've heard some of them, so I know...! But I can't imagine I'll ever see them showing their faces around here :)