Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.5

The golden October calls us out to watch the spectacle that Nature has to offer.A Tour throughout the Countryside.Watching the color change of the Trees and sitting in the still warm Autumn Sun.Savor the manifold goods that the Harvast brought us.Drinking Cider,eating tasty Food with the certainty that Life is Good

1.Midori-Tokyo Sparkle
2.Spaghetti Vabune!-Que
3.Round Table-Perfect World
4.Risette-Hard Core
5.Tirolean Tape-Bears Bear Bears (Alt.Version)
6.Orangenoise Shortcut-Frisbee
7.Hideki Kaji-Forthcoming Love
8.Roly Poly Rag Bear-Someday
9.Waffles-Haru Urara
10.Advantage Lucy-Everything
11.Neil & Iraiza-Can it do it
12.Bongo Mango Session Band-I Really Want To Hurt You
13.Photo Jenny-Ladybird
14.Tomoko Kataoka-Chamomille Bathroom




  1. Goodness gracious, how sweet of a song is "Tokyo Sparkle"?! So sweet! So charming! So cute! So cute, that already my Cutest Song Ever title has been transferred from kotringo's "Sleigh Ride" to that Midori x Hideki Kaji collaboration, and now Tokyo Sparkle is the Cutest Thing Ever, absolutely. She should be taken out of chiptunes more often, I think, and placed in the company of producers like Hideki Kaji again... Record an entire album of music together. Or a string of duets, even! Anything that will bring them back into each other's orbit. So, yes, outrageously winsome song to choose for an opener, as it's warmly inviting and pulls you right in to a specific mood and makes for an ideal introduction for what's to come, which is a steady build of more Dazzling Pop... Again, loved your choice of Round Table, and the extremely adorable Tirolean Tape, and Orangenoise Shortcut, which I do believe is the very first time you've used a song of theirs on one of your mixes...! Hooray! ♥ ♥ ♥ This is absolutely cause for celebration since goodness knows how hard I push that band and for people to listen to them, which is exactly what more people will be doing once they listen to this mix :) And I have confidence that many people will, because how could they _not_, so...

    Lovely, lovely, lovely collection of songs you've amassed here, Percy, which did much to pull me right through the bad weekend I've had to get over, so, as always, you have Impeccable Timing ♥ Life _is_ good when you have Perfect Pop Mixes to both keep you company and find comfort in :) So thank you so much for compiling and sharing this one ♥

  2. so so great! i wish your blog will go on forever! <3<3<3