Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

AKSB Pop Vol.1

1st of October and our kind Friend Kaku send us another wonderful Guestmix.Another AKSB Compilation which evolves around Guitar Pop.Classic Pop mixed Shibuya-Kei and some soulful Grooves.These 20 airy & sunny Songs should be the perfect companion for a golden October.Please show Kaku Love & Respect.

1.Ai Nonaka-Expresso
2.Di Gi Charat-Powerful Summer
3.Fujimura Ayumi-703 Sensational
4.Fumiko Orikasa-Just a Girl
5.GIRLS BEc-Mayonaka ni Oideyo (Party Groove Mix)
6.Haruko Momoi-Mail me(Ver.2.0)
7.Hiromi Konno-Anatashika Mienai
8.Instant Cytron,Hiromi Satou-Forget-me-not
9.Kana Hanazawa-Kimi iro Complete
10.Kanae Itou-Tokimeki-za ryuuseigun™
11.Kaori Mizuhashi,Mai Kadowaki-Egao no sora de aimashou
12.Mayu-Spiritual Love
13.Mayumi Yoshida-First Love
14.Nakayama Mami-Kodomo Janai no Daa!(Tomoka no Theme)
15.Tamura Yukari-Spring Fever
16.Yahagi Sayuri-Koi to Bikini to Ameyohou
17.Yukari Fukui-Onna no Ko Desu Mono
18.Y.Makishima,Y.Yoshikawa,S.Fujita-Kiseki no Kakera
19.Yukina Fujimori-Present
20.Yuri Shiratori-Sunnyday's Laundry



P.S.If YOU like to contribute a Guestmix and support your favourite Artists & Songs, please contact me.We will work something out.


  1. Thanks for your wonderful Mix:D

  2. It's terrific to have you back again, Kaku, and for this mix to be given a proper post all its own because it's certainly deserving of one ♥ I've had it downloaded for awhile, and I'm glad to be given the opportunity to comment more on it... It's another darling, supersized selection of songs you've compiled together for us, and I again love the format it was presented in... A delectable balance of the uptempo saccharine sweet side of Pop(songs like "Expresso", "Mail Me" and "Kimi Iro Complete", "Spring Fever" and "kodomo janai no daa!" all sounded this way to me) and the more mellow, breezier side represented through tracks like "mayonaka ni oideyo", "koi to bikini ameyohou", "Forget-Me-Not" and "anata shika mienai"... It certainly made for a nice variety and kept this mix moving at a steady pace, and above all else it made for a pleasurable listen, for sure, and that's the most important thing :)

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, and continuing to highlight a style of music you're obviously very passionate and knowledgeable about! It's been a very enjoyable thing, to be able to benefit from that passion and knowledge by listening to the music those things prompted you to share :)