Samstag, 24. September 2011

Shibuya Soul 6

Take a break and bring the World to a stand still.Soak in the last rays of Summer Sun.Watch the carefree swirling City Life,the People in the Cafe's & Parks.Soon the Seasons change and this Life will vanish.Let your thoughts run free and savor this Moments as long as they last.

2.Mondo Grosso-Give me a reason
3.Paris Match-Everywhere
4.Asako Toki-Sentimental
5.Coco D'Or-La-La Means I Love You
6.Harvard-Clean & Dirty
7.Round Table-Life
8.Naoki Kenji-Aijo Ga Nakunatta (With Jazzamor)
10-Bird-Ai Ketsuidamono
11.Cosa Nostra-Be yourself
12.Monday Michiru
13.Maki Nomiya-Kibun wo dashite mouchido
14.Loop Session-Make it easy on yourself




  1. Remarkable ♥ ♥ ♥ These mixes continue to be like taking a stroll through a beloved neighborhood that holds a familiar setting for you but the experience is still different and exciting every time you visit because there are always new encounters to engage in :) So it's a highly pleasureable mix of the Familiar and Unfamiliar, absolutely. And in this encounter.. I was happy to run back in to Round Table again, since you've been on a roll lately with picking songs of theirs that I hadn't heard before, and are so, so, so so good! ..Meaning I seriously need to be listening to what I have of theirs more. For sure. ..And I feel like I have said this very thing before, but I mean it this time! XD With Cosa Nostra too, who are always good for an encouraging, standout track when Momoko Suzuki is their vocalist(..then again, even when she isn't their songs are quite nice, since I love "Jolie".. the songs with Momoko Suzuki are _particularly_ nice, then), and Bird! Really, really liked the track of hers you chose ♥ And the fact it was preceded by Ryusenkei, making this the first time we've run into him during these Soulful Walks ♥ ♥ ♥ His music is a welcome addition that fits comfortably in with these surroundings, definitely :)

    Truly outstanding ♥ Thank you so much for compiling and sharing :)

  2. Great Mix! Nice and breezy, perfect for taking it easy - Thanks!