Samstag, 17. September 2011

Kawaii International Vol.1

Last Night the Doorbell rang and as i opened the Door,a bunch of Gajin's stand right in front of me.They called themselves "Brigade Mondäne".They said they come to prove that they can party as groovy as Shibuya does.I can tell you those Guys diden't talk no Smack.When the Whirlwind of Beats & Sounds setteled down,the Guys were gone and all i found was a Card that said:See you soon!

1.Stereo de Luxe-Aerocyclette
2.Digi Onze-(El Campeon Del)Ping-Pong
3.Popcorn-Hot Stuff
4.Supermoloko Ultrabeaver & Olive-Anyway the Wind blows
5.Skeewiff-Little Spot Of Soul
6.Kretex-Boegaloe Inferno
7.Maxwell Implosion-Jet Ski
8.Ursula 1000-I`m shock you,Daddy
9.Shy-Theme from a Summer Place
10.Combustible Edison-Hot And Bothered
11.Mondo Candido-Meglio Stasera
13.Monsieur De Forsaings-(tout va bien) Sous Le Soleil Mexicain
14.Dimitri from Tokyo-Toujours L'Amore

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  1. They most certainly can ♥ Party on the very same level as Shibuya-kei Artists and use the exact touchstones the most accepted definition of what Shibuya-kei entails and do very similar things with them, I mean. Artists outside of Japan can. I'd already been thoroughly convinced of this awhile ago, but mixes like this and a couple of others would provide a very convincing argument that Shibuya-kei was an International Thing instead of a Just Japan Thing. And if there was anyone who could make a strong case for International Shibuya-kei, it'd definitely be You, Percy, since you absolutely have a firm handle on how it should sound and what it could be represented through, since you easily captured that same spirit in all the songs you chose... There's a great fluidity running throughout this entire mix, full of the smartly used sampling, Retro-Minded Futurism that can be associated with Classic Shibuya-kei... So it's definitely another one of your mixes that is both an Education and a Blast to listen to, for sure :) Thank you very much for compiling and sharing it, as always ♥ And the Brigade Mondäne are absolutely welcome back any time :D