Samstag, 10. September 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.4

1.Boo Bee Benz-12 One a half
2.Lyrics-Smile again
3.Scruffy!-Yume No Tochuu
5.Short Hair Front-Weekend
6.Round Table-Summer Rain
7.Folkflat & Dang Ring Bond-Ruzuday Life
8.Nona Reeves-I Heard The Sound
9.Kaji Hideki-My Blue Heaven
10.Jenka -No Way
11.Cinnamon Toast Crunch-Inverted Forest
12.Roly Poly Rag Bear-Wave of the Hand,Goodbye
13.Suitcase Rhodes-白い花びら



1 Kommentar:

  1. Mighty Fine, Percy Steward, Mighty Fine ♥ ♥ ♥ I think it's just as much of a tribute to your Pop Excavation Abilities as it is to the innumerable amounts of Quality Pop Music and Pop Music Makers coming out of Asia that you've uncovered enough music to fill out ten volumes of the Picknick Series and an additional four volumes of its successor the Pop is Sheriff Series with and you've yet to run out of material or allow them to lapse into Stale Times by picking out a lot of inferior product :) It's like you managed to locate the El Dorado of Asian Pop Music and you're bringing it back little by little by sharing these Golden, Sparkling tracks in fourteen piece installments :D And the particularly Shiny and Dazzling songs of this mix for me were definitely Girl's "Tropical", which I liked an awful lot, and the quartet of Round Table, Folkflat & Dang Ring Bond(oh, some of the names this time around! "Boo Bee Benz"?? "Dang Ring Bond"?? ..."Boo Bee Benz"!!??), Nona Reeves and Hideki Kaji because those were all Extra, Extra, Extra fine selections that paired themselves up very nicely :)

    Thank you for compiling and sharing this, as always ♥ I do believe I have the most enjoyable times while in the company of your mixes, particularly the Pop ones, so thank you for providing that too :)